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Arm/Body Progress


Sorry if this is the wrong section, but I will go ahead and post anyway. I first started lifting at 16 and I am now 19. In 2009, I started working out at a new gym and I took some measurements. At the time of the measurements I was 17, 5'9 and 155lbs. Shoulders: 18 inches, Chest/Lats: 38 inches, Biceps: 14-1/2 inches, Waist: 30-1/2 inches, Quadriceps: 22-1/2 inches, Calves: 14-1/2 inches. By the measurements I was pretty much anorexic and now I consider myself "skinny" at 19yo, 6'0 180lbs. The thing is though, today I measured my arms cold, not pumped and my arms straight down. They measured in at 13 1/2. So I have gained 25ish lbs yet my arms have shrank.

Also, I have thought about this before and it may be my workout, but when I was 17 my workouts were upper/lower 5 days a week. Since then I have always been on set routines and changing it up every time I plateau usually around 8-10 weeks. Sometimes 6. Also all my lifts have increased yet my arms are smaller, lol. I dont get it.

At the time of the above measurements I could bench 185 once, and deadlift 225, now I bench 255 for 5 and deadlift around 400, so I dont understand why I would lose mass on my arms. I wrote a lot but I got it all out, haha, sorry for the rant. Advice or ideas?

Edit: PS. To sum it up. If you couldnt tell from what I was saying, when I was 17 my arms looked freakishly large compared to my body, now I guess I have outgrown them and they look freakishly small.


Wouldnt exactly call 14 inches freakishly large fwiw.

Did you measure your arms cold and unflexed when you were 17? They will be much smaller if they are cold and your arm is straight down.


tell me about it brah


Oops I reported you instead of quoting you, My bad lol. Yeah i measured them cold and unflexed and they were 14 1/2 and now they are that size warm and flexed


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What your saying is impossible. you can not gain 25lbs, and lose size in your arms. there is just no way that can happen. Only way, is if you stopped working out completely, and just gained all the weight in your waist. but, you didn't stop. you've gained strength in all lifts. therefore, what your saying, simply can not happen.


Unless my buddy and I measured wrongly then it did happen. Even when I look in photos with clothes on though, my arms looked larger then than they do now... I might not have lost size but I definitely have not gained size while putting on 25lbs.


you're arms are 14inches.



keep eating.

lift weights.

don't neglect direct bicep and tricep exercies


Haha I know that is nothing in comparison to most people...But while Im working out, I want to look like I actually work out!!!



and would you like to guess how you make that happen?


eat,lift,sleep, + dbol?



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Yessss! You dont know how hard I was trying! Hold on I'm going to the gym now, to try to make body look like I actually lift, lol. But seriously would you reccomend doing some arm exercise 2-3x a week instead of once, like Im doing now?



if you work out your muscle once a week, you're giving it 52 opportunities to grow in a year

work it out twice a week, and you've bumped that number up to 104



ikindofdid. Didyoujustmultiplythenumberoftimesishouldworkoutmybicepsandtriceps?


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TotalBodyTraining 2x/day 6x/week = 12x/week = 624 opportunities ! TADAM


you said you went from 5'9" to 6'0", so you grew 5 inches taller and your arms probably got longer. the measurements can't be translated directly. just use your current measurements to base off of for the future. And start doing direct arm exercises if you aren't already


There's that Dante-flair I was talking about. 360 > DC