Arm Blaster: Real Blast or Real POS?

ANybody try or even hear of this thing? Supposedly its a strip of metal that keeps the range of motion straight and intact during bicep/tricep work. Any info would be helpful, thanx. Lata.

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Yeah you can probably buy one at any Wal-Mart or sporting goods store. It does help with your technique and helps isolate your biceps when doing barbell or ez bar curls. I dont know how you could use it for triceps though

It’s a wast of money in my opinion.

I’ve seen peopl use it for pressdowns. the problem with it is that it moves your elbows forward when you do curls so in the top possition the ressistance is 0(like preacher curls) you would be better off just being STRICT with your form and keep your elbows right at your side the whole time so there is still some tension in the contracted position.

Don’t waste your money, if you want to keep your form strict just watch yourself in the mirror as you curl. The Arm Blaster could make a handy weapon though…outlaw.

MB, the “Weider Arm-Blaster” has been around for decades. I’ve tried it and it’s okay, but anyone who’s been training for any length of time at all has the isolation ability to hold their upper arms more or less still when doing curls. If you want a better biceps exercise, try positioning your body so that your humerus is at an over-90-degree angle to your torso (i.e. sit cross-legged in front of a higher-than-average bench), then do single-arm dumbell curls.

Kelly, I frequently read your posts. Always well considered and articulate. I have seen people use an arm blaster for standing cable tricep extensions. Theoretically, it stabilizes the upper arm and helps the lifter to resist the flaring out of the elbows – you know, when their tricep extensions slowly drift into pushdowns. But you’re right: the arm blaster seems to be made with biceps in mind. Though I’ve never tried it, I imagine an arm blaster for standing cambered curls with a 4-0-2 tempo would be an adventure.

Thanks T-fraks. THat’s pretty much what I figured. I’ve been training two years, but I’m quite sound enough in technique not to be yelling “Timmay!” when doing curls, ect.

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