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Arlovski on Bully Beatdown


Anybody watch that? They had him against this 285 lb. fatass bully. Fatty didn't have a snowball's chance in hell. Sometimes the bully will make it interesting, but not this time. Pitbull fucking ragdolled the guy. KO'd him in under 30 seconds. If that bully knew ANYTHING about MMA, he had to be pooping himself when they announced his opponent. Very hilarious episode.


i love that show...randel the rapper was the best. he had 30 nicknames 4 himself lol


Dammit, I missed it!




Thanks Boss!


It seems like overkill is common. Like the one where Eddie Alvarez weighed like 30lb more than the dipshit he fought who seperates bad-asses from losers or whatever.


It would have been even more funny if the bully had pulled a "Viacheslav Datsik"...


Most of the bullies are bigger than the people they pick on, so it's fair.


I've watched this a few times and it seems scripted, the bully becoming all humble and apologetic.

If the bully was real, he'd later simply crush the guy he's been picking on and take his 10 grand, or whatever the bully 'lost' to the victim.

I'm waiting for a show based off of Steven King's 'Running Man' novel, called 'Swim with the Sharks'. A small nick is made in the contestant's leg. He then swims across a pool containing a hungry shark, there being a big sack of money on the other side. Now THAT'S more modern entertainment!!



The show is probably scripted and the bullies are probably actors but hey, it's still fun to see the Pitbull knock out an average joe. If I was the bully, I would've been swinging for the fences because if anything connects on Arlovski's chin it's an instant KO.


Arlovski's chin really isn't that bad the only fight he was out cold was Fedor, they had to pull Rogers off of him and he wasn't out he just got caught.


Don't forget the 2nd Sylvia fight and his fight w/ Rizzo. He is one of my favorite fighters, but his chin seems to fail him a lot. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if he wasn't so hell bent on turning every fight into a boxing match.