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Arlington Farm Owners Demand Apology From Police After Drug Raid Comes Up Empty


Police in Arlington, Texas are being criticized for their tactics during a drug raid on a local farm that came up empty while allegedly damaging both the property and the crops.

"They can't even tell the difference between tomato plants and a marijuana drug cartel," farm resident Quinn Eaker told KXAS-TV.

Eaker said to KXAS that he and several residents at the "Garden of Eden" sustainability garden were handcuffed at gunpoint by officers during the Aug. 2 raid, which also involved a SWAT team, after an undercover officer and helicopter surveillance allegedly gave authorities probable cause to believe there was marijuana being grown on the premises.

"They came here under the guise that we were doing a drug trafficking, marijuana-growing operation," owner Shellie Smith told WFAA-TV."They destroyed everything."

The Dallas Morning News reported that the farm's account of the raid, which accuses police of destroying plants and removing needed materials from the farm, has spread online, while police counter that they conducted themselves professionally during the action.

"Yes, they were initially handcuffed," police spokesperson Christopher Cook told the Morning News. "However, once it was determined it was secure they were taken out of handcuffs. Typically we wouldn't do that, but they were compliant."



Legal growing crops destroyed
Property stolen
People handcuffed for no crime
Cops outraged that people don't think they're swell for tearing up an innocent person's farm.
Somehow, the cops didn't kill the family dog. Must be off their game.




I'd like to know what the probable cause was. If there was none, false info, or just plain incompetence, heads should roll.


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I'll bet the city put pressure on the department to go after the farm due to all the code violations.

What a waste of money.


Never happen. Notice the quote from the police chief who is more upset that people are upset, thinking it's just swell innocent people were held at gun point, cuffed, and their farm destroyed.

I am about as conservative as a person can be, but the war on drugs is so fricken stupid and dangerous to American (and, as a result, the world's) democracty, that I don't know where to begin. Raids like this just have to stop.


I think you are very close. It appears these hippies were a pain in the ass to various politically-connected people, fighting to use their property as they saw fit.

Pretty clear this was a revenge raid, on the mistaken assumption that dirty hippies = drugs.

Sad that the most dangerous thing in the USA is the government.



Jethro Tull? Are you and I the only ones here who knows who that group is?



I play(ed) the flute in part because of Jethro Tull and Aqualung was one of the first songs I learned on the guitar.

Am I qualified to use the phrase "back in my day?"


I can't believe a judge signed a warrant for green plants in a garden.


I know jethro tull, and the analogy i thought was pretty spot on. The gov't does whatever the fuck it wants, and deals with peoples rights after the fact.


over fucking weed too, cause that's real dangerous to our society...

at what point is our glorious fuhrer going to remember his choom gain roots and just make it legal like alcohol. Weed is neither lethal or addictive, but since there are no giant corporations to line the politicians pockets it gets overlooked.


I've got a great idea. Let's put these same people in charge of our health care!


The whole system is fucked, i just fear it's past the point of no return as far as reigning in the power of our benevolent leaders.


Ian anderson killed it. Jethro Tull made some great music.

Any Grace Slick Fans in the house?(Jefferson Airplane/Starship)


Fun fact, Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead (Rick) is Ian Anderson's Son-In-Law.


At this point I can't find any other reasons than the fact that they make more money when it's illegal than they do when it's not.

I mean Sanjay Fucking Gupta is pro med mj now.


Random fact, I was almost kicked out of religious school in 8th grade for trying to pass of the lyrics of "Bungle in the Jungle" as my own English composition. I was convinced something so "edgy" had never been heard by the staid and stern staff of the institution I was sent to because I was a little prick.

Turns out the rabbi/headmaster was a recording engineer for Ian Anderson in 1972 and took a copy of the unreleased tapes that would eventually be most of a Jethro Tull album to a radio outpost during the Yom Kippur war and had mastered (or layerd or whatever you call when you match lyrics with the instruments) the lyrics during his the downtime of the fighting.

More random fact, which I learned from said Rabbi, having trying to pass the lyrics off as deep-thinking religious thought, the song is really about a Cricket game that went very very badly for England, resulting in (I believe) the loss of "the Ashes" whatever the heck that is.