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Arley Vest old bastard articla

I think that Ian King would have a heart attack if he read this artical. The volume that is reconmended is more on the lines of an 18 kid with nothing to do than an old bastard.

I posted a question about this too, but it is buried on the third page. I think the volume is way too high. My bi’s were sore for a week after one of Ian’s devious workouts of two tri-sets. I cannot even imagine what would happen after FOUR sets of 21’s, along with three sets of DB curls and three sets of cable curls. Did T-mag post the correct workout? Perhaps there was a typo–several typos?!

Well I haven’t tried phase 2 of Arley’s workout yet, but I am currently doing phase 1 and can say that it’s a good workout for us older bastards. I was beginning to wonder if phase 2 would ever appear as it was alomst 8 weeks from when phase 1 was posted. I’ve seen good results so far and look forward to kicking it up a notch with phase 2. As for the difficulty level of phase 2 he has several drop sets on each day so it does look like he takes into consideration that the previous exercise may tax you somewhat.