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Arlen Specter is Switching Parties



Good lord..... This guy should have his own TV show, and he could call it the Arlen Specter Show.... Or A.S.S. for short.


Wonder why it took him so long.


LOL - for sure, It's really something after being a closet liberal for decades, he finally realizes he's in the wrong party - whew, those libs are quick on the draw . . . .


Good, he can take a few others with him. Now all we need is for that clown Franken to finally finish ripping off that seat in Minnesota and the socialist destroyers will be free to destroy at will with no help from the lost GOP.

If they can't regain power in the conflagration left in the path of these classroom commies they really are truly hopeless. It's being handed to them on a silver platter.


This shit is fun to watch. As the GOP continues to drive off moderates, even fairly right-of-center moderates, and further marginalize itself, you stooges compete to be the last guy kicked off of Rush's island.

Why is the Republican party allowing the 20% on the far right to alienate the other 40% that they need in order to be relevant?

As the Dems move more to the center to fill that gap their own left wing is beginning to feel alienated as well, so maybe we're on our way to a three party system: Progressives on the far left, Republicans on the far right, and Democrats controlling the middle 60%.

It's like watching a train wreck in a Three Stooges movie. More comedy than tragedy.


You have a strange sense of left and right.

Both parties have been moving left and at a near break-neck pace. For the Dems, that's not so damaging since most of their base approves of it. For the GOP, it's a killer since most of their base disapproves of it.

The GOP is falling apart because they're attempting to attract left-leaning moderates who would probably drop dead before ever voting GOP, and are alienating their right-wing base by doing so. It has absolutely nothing to do with moving too far right.

Specter is joining the Dems not because of an idealogical change or a shift by the GOP. (Hell, given enough time, the GOP would join Specter, not move away from him!)

Ole' Arlen is jumping ship because he can see that he would get hammered in the 2010 Pennsylvania GOP primary while he has a fighting chance at retaining his seat if he comes in from the Democratic-side.

It's 100%, pure CYA from a career politician who senses that he's pissed off his constituency. Nothing more.


Exactly. Reagan was pretty conservative and won big in elections.