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Arlen Specter: Biggest Nonissue Ever.




indeed he just wants to keep his job, and after seeing his party crash and burn im sure he wants to jump ship, well walk around to other side of the same ship :stuck_out_tongue:


I interned for Arlen. I think this will not change the way he votes. He always did whatever the hell he wanted, voting along party lines only if he agreed with the position. Otherwise ignoring it.


Def not a non-issue. There's a lot behind it. Yeah, it was a political move, of course. But what was it that caused a 5-term senator to have to change parties before his 6th term? Lots of issues there.


He changed parties because the GOP is a sinking ship, and he doesn't really vote on party lines anyway.

Why must it go deeper than that? Those seem like pretty rational reasons.


Why is the Republican party a sinking ship? There seems to be two or three major beliefs within the Republican party, and this occurrence has brought "the Club for Growth"-types against the moderates. I think questioning where the R party is headed is a good discussion.

Another "deeper" question might be why the big-wigs in the party (Re: steele) didn't support him against a candidate that most say can't win in a general election. Steele's job is to get MORE "R"s not fewer. IMO this raises additional questions about his general competence.

Lots to talk about here. I was wondering if PWIers were more "Club for Growth", "Moderate," or other.


There's nothing shocking here.