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Arkansas AIDS Scandal


I wonder if slick willie "feels the pain" of these victims?

AIDS Scandal in Clinton's Arkansas

A shocking new documentary shows how inmates at an Arkansas prison were paid to donate blood even though authorities knew they had AIDS and hepatitis.

The movie "Factor 8: The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal" by filmmaker Kelly Duda discloses that Arkansas, then under the leadership of Gov. Bill Clinton, allowed the contaminated blood from prisoners to be exported during the 1980s and 1990s to be used in the making of clotting agents for hemophiliacs.

As a result, thousands of people in the United Kingdom and other countries contracted AIDS or potentially fatal hepatitis, according to the UK's Sunday Herald.

Duda's film will premiere at the American Film Institute Festival in Los Angeles on November 8.

It reveals for the first time how officials at Cummins Penitentiary doctored inmates' medical records to hide the fact that they were carrying the diseases, the Herald reports.

In the movie, former inmate and hepatitis sufferer Bill Douglas, who regularly donated plasma, said: "They didn't care if you had to crawl to get there as long as you were able to give blood. You were never checked."

Dr. Edwin Barron, a medical administrator at Cummins who resigned after about a year, told the filmmaker: "They did little or no screening of anybody."

And Randal Morgan, who was deputy director of the department of corrections in Arkansas from 1981 to 1996, declared: "It would be ludicrous that Bill Clinton did not know that the plasma program was experiencing problems.


Thats just wrong. How could someone do that. And worst yet who is held accountable for this. They deff dropped the ball on this one.



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You posted this because you think Clinton signed off on AIDs tainted blood? What is your source for this and why not post the link? Why is this article trying to point blame at Clinton when he isn't the warden of any prison in that state? Someone needs to be brought up on charges if this is true, but criminal acts that are committed in a state can now be blamed on the governor? Shit, I think I have a parking ticket that I think the governor needs to pay while we're at it.