ArizonaJack TRT Journey - Input and Support Welcome

I read the stickies and a lot of posts here and on other sites about TRT before starting this and posting here. But there’s a lot of information to consume, so please be gentle if I’m not doing it right.

My stats:
6’3, 200
Ten years ago, I was really soft at about 225 and almost 30% body fat and got turned onto fitness and diet and lifting. I have been relatively consistent lifting 3-4 times a week for the last 10 years. I also do a lot of cardio, especially biking. I’ve cleaned up my diet, going high protein and trying to go low carb, but not always consistent and with a lot of cheating. I let it go for a few months, then tighten it up for a few months.
Weight ranges from 190-210 and usually 196-202. With bf (measured by Omron hand held device) ranging from 14% to 22%. Right now it’s about 19% at 200.

I have been experiencing low T symptoms: libido, ED, lack of motivation, depression, brain sharpness.

I travel to India frequently and know they sell T over the counter, so I researched a bit and bought all the drugs I might potentially need for TRT.

I don’t have health insurance and am super reluctant to go to doctors and too much of a DIY guy already on everything, so I decided to do TRT DIY, hopefully with the help of the experienced people here. And if you guys tell me I absolutely have to go to doc, I might be open.

I did an online lab with Discounted Labs. I chose the ED panel, because it had the same tests that you guys seem to suggest but also had special tests unique to ED, and that’s one of my biggest issues right now, so I opted for that.

I got the lab results back today.

Testosterone, Serum: 150 (264-916)
Free T: 3.8 (6.8 - 21.5)
DHT: 53
Prolactin: 18 (4.0 - 15.2)
Estradiol, Sensitive: 35.2 (8.0 - 35.0)
T3: 3.1, T4: 1.18 both in normal range

OK, so I took this test last Tuesday. Last Wednesday I started my own DIY TRT:

70 mg Sustanon (that’s what they had available in India) once every five days, front loaded with 1.8 dosage the first time (125 mg). Logic here is that 250 mg Sustanon once every three weeks is a typical prescription but taking every five days is optimal.

400 mg HcG once every three days, to get to approximately 1,000 per week.

I have Anastrazole, Fincar, and Clomifene if I need it. I was going to add 0.5 mg to 1 mg Anastrazole per week but decided to wait until lab work and likely six weeks of TRT to start.

Based on lab result of high E2, I’m thinking I might want to start the Anastrazole right away.

It’s Monday, and I’ve taken two injections now of Sustanon and HcG and don’t feel a single bit different. I guess it will take a while to build up and kick in.

General thoughts?
Specific thoughts on when to start Anastrazole and how much?
Should the high Prolactin be addressed and how?

I think it’s important that you get a proper diagnosis from a doctor so at least if you’re caught entering the US your have a valid prescription and a diagnosis. You can go private and seek a doctor who knows what their doing, Defy Medical is an option that does telemedicine.


Go read this thread on Aromatase Inhibitors from our resident bodybuilding, steroid using, endocrinologist.

Thanks. I read through that thread. It’s hard to sort out good info between all the disagreements, the jargon, and the bravado. I’ve read enough that I believe that taking AI by default seems like bad idea. One should wait until lab results tell you it’s necessary. I’m thinking maybe my high E2 count already, even before adding T would suggest the AI is a good idea. hmmm. Not sure. I think I might start with 1/4 mg twice a week and see what happens.

One of the things that he talks about in other posts are: 1) high estrogen when test is low is BAD, high estrogen when test is high is GOOD (based on the benefits of E2 to bones, libido, etc.)
2) He doesnt suggest than any of his patients use an AI, rather that they use a SERM, primarily tamoxifen.

If I were you, I’d take tamoxifen. I do.

With that much body fat and your prolactin over range and E2 at the top of the scale. Your E2 and prolactin will only go higher went you increase your T lvl. You are going to need an AI.
At your current E2/prolactin lvl I would suggest .25mg/wk of anastrozole. Stay on your 70mg E5D for at least 5 weeks and retest your T/E2/prolactin. It would probably be a good idea to check your HCT so you might add that to the mini blood test as well.

Once you have lost a bit more fat you will make less E2 and you might be able to go off of it.

Hope that helped.

AI’s are a short term solution to those that are obese or overweight, some are over-responders and require significantly less and some must dissolve in vodka to dose smaller enough so one doesn’t knock estrogen low.

Between the racing heart rates and insane blood pressure issues, some cannot be on TRT without an AI until significant weight is lost. I get my anastrozole in 0.050mg dosing and dissolve in vodka and then draw .2 ml into a glass graduated dropper pipettes and down the hatch.

Thanks guys. OK, I think I’m going to try .25 mg Anastrozole (.125 mg twice a week) and use the vodka solution trick because splitting the pill that much is impossible.

The prolactin might point to hypothyroidism, which runs in my family. Should I look into that? Or does the normal T3 and T4 point to thyroid likely functioning OK?

Don’t forget RT3, RT3 blocks Free T3. I have very good Free T3 and Free T4 and higher RT3, which my insulin resistance is thought to be the cause.

Couldn’t agree more.

I understand your desire to get well. We all want to feel our best. However, you are playing a very dangerous game. In fact, what you are doing is illegal. It would be better for you to hit up someone at a local gym, than get busted in an airport.

Regardless of the ethical implications, please be aware that you are putting your health at major risk by using who knows what type of drugs. Your approach seems counter intuitive to the results you hope to gain.

Please be careful. Please consider working with a Dr. I hope you get well soon.

Next time, I’ll probably get a prescription and take it with me. Or have the drugs shipped. I’m not completely against going to doc, but based on everything I read here and my own experiences, it seems most docs are such generalists that we have just as good of a chance to self treat through lab results and personal research.