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Arizona T-Cell

Hey, I was just reading that the guys and girls of NY were able to recruit others and form a T-cell. I want to form a T-Cell in the phoenix/gilbert area of Arizona! Reply here and let’s get together, that is if I’m not the only T-Man in Arizona… “come out, come out, wherever you are…”

I posted this yesterday here when I saw your post in the Dog Pound, but it since slipped to page 2- h, I tried a similar thread a few weeks ago here in the “regular” forum, and got some good repsonses. I live in Gilbert and am definitely down to start an AZ/East Valley T-Cell. Mike Mahler’s doing a kettlebell worksop here in April, we were kicking around the idea of that being our starting point, but I’d be more than happy to start before that- the thread kind of died down on its own, and I didn’t want to be that annoying guy that kept saying “cmon, cmon, lets meet, lets meet” So lets see if some of those that responded to the initial post come back out and we can get something started up. The “T Convention” or whatever the NY cell got is awesome- we NEED to get our cell started up so we can get one of those- let’s do it Phoenicians!

Yeah, I moved the post from the dog pound per someone’s suggestion hoping to get more hits.

I’m moving to Gilbert in March. Just bought a house there.

The kettle ball thing sounds cool, is there more information on it? I remember seeing the thread a while back…

If you go to mikemahler.com or email him at mahler25@yahoo.com and ask for info on the Phoenix kettlebell workshop. There’s a deal to where if you sign up with a friend, you can get in for $65 instead of the usual $75 (which increases to $95 if you register after March 15)- you interested? As far as the T-Cell, if you search the forum for “phoenix”, that thread from a few weeks ago should pop up. We can bump that one up to try to start things up or we can use this one. TNickT, SRS, Machine, SlapMonkey, Jeff, Duece, Galvatron all responded to the original thread. Fellas (or ladies, its hard to tell with these handles sometimes) whaddya say? When do we want to get started?

I’m game for something before the kettleball seminar because I don’t think I can attend it.

I’ll be at the K-bell workshop in April for sure. I train at ASU student rec center if anyone is interested in learning about or taking part in a workout geared toward a Renegade combined West Side approach. I think I posted it before but M/W/F/Sat at 12pm is when I train so let me know and we’ll work something out. I stay pretty busy outside of the gym but hopefully if the interactive forum begins soon we will be able to communicate better.

Nick M - let me look into the details on that Kettle Ball workshop and get back to you. But I’m always in to save some money.

February is a pretty open month for me, no major plans or anything. Just work and workin’ out. Although I have no ideas for a meeting, I’m open to suggestions, otherwise I would think most people at the Kettle Ball workshop will be t-maggers, or is it advertised elsewhere?

h, I’m not sure where else its advertised, I would also assume that the attendees would be mostly T-maggers. I’m trying to get to a point now where I wouldn’t be humiliated keeping up with Machine’s renegade workouts- maybe I can join up with you in a few months, Machine- lol. As far as meeting up before the KB workshop, maybe we can look at other T-Cell threads to see what their opening agenda was. From what I can remember, I know one constant from cell to cell was eating and beer drinking :slight_smile:

My kettlebell workshop is promoted all over the place so it will not just be t-mag people there. I have a large network so there will be people there from dragondoor, mma.tv etc. Also, the workshop will not just be on kettlebells, I will be going over several bodyweight drills that will make most of you cry like babies :slight_smile: I take no prisoners at my workshops so expect 4 hours of pure pain.

Lets set up some afternoon where we all can meet. Do we all know the ASU area?
We all can meet at Maloney’s on the corner of Rual and University. It’s a nice bar that has good drinks if that’s what you want to do. Im not much of a drinker anymore but would attend just to talk. Maby a saturday or sunday around 2pm. Pick a day. I would like to talk about diets with you all. Thats my main issue.
Also I train at the LA Fitness on Dobson and Warner around 6:30 pm nightly. So if you see a guy about 5’7" with Long hair wearing a Arizona Cardinals Visor that would be me.

Sounds good, Jeff. I know all about Maloney’s from my ASU days, which are now too far behind me . Anyway, that would work, or if we’re looking to eat clean, there are a few healthy options around there like Pita Jungle down on Apache and Rural. We can talk diet, and I’d like to talk training programs- there’s about 5 or 6 really good ones out there right now, its hard to figure out which one I “should” be on. Also, I need some help with my olympic lift techniques. I train at home, so I’ve probably never seen any of you, except for Machine and his post in the photos forum…

So it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do a workout earlier or after the workshop would it? What about doing a DE Leg day on Friday the day before the workshop? I think if I do the leg day then I’ll just cut the volume down possibly.

I would be happy to help out some in the O-lifting dept. I have been lifting and competing on/off since '91 and can tell you the O-lifts aren’t as difficult to learn as one may think. Arizona T-Men (and anyone else of course) may be able to see our lifting club in action as we are beginning to look into vidoetaping our training sessions and putting them up on the local leased access cable channel. I mean with some of the wacky-ass shit they put out there for viewing our club’s workouts can’t be any worse for watching in my opinion. But we’ll see how it goes, we have a lot of other stuff going on also.

Machine, I definitely do not recommend working out before my workshop and I would take the day off before as well. If you do a hard leg workout, don’t go too hard. Also, working afterwords is just not going to happen. Some of the guys at my last workshop in San Jose thought about getting together to workout after my workshop, however they had no clue what they were getting themselves into. Lets just say that working out was the last thing on their minds after my workshop.

Bumpitty Bump Bump. I guess I am now nickasu instead of nickm, but either way, wanted to get this back on the first page in case anyone else had ideas for a meeting time/date. Galvatron, I’d love to check out your show- are you interested in Mike’s workshop or otherwise being involved in the T-Cell? There is some pretty wacky stuff on public access, can’t imagine yours would be any worse than the conspiracy theorists :slight_smile:

Bumping it up.

Well, while I’d say Mike’s workshop was great, as a launching pad for an AZ T-Cell, it was a failure. I believe Machine and I (good meeting you, bro- all you Hot Rox challenge contestants ought to look out, M is looking YOKED!)were the only T-maggers there, and I couldn’t hang after Mike’s workshop becuase of prior committments with the wife. So anyhoo, anyone up for trying this again?

Yeah Nick, I’ll take some responsibility for not following up with you and trying to establish a Phoenix Metro T-cell. School and lately a lot of personal things have been occupying my time, not to mention focusing on the Hot-Rox contest. Thanks for the compliments about being “yoked” (always like to hear that) and you should see how far I’ve come since the workshop. Bigger and leaner!

I’m definintely up for trying to get together for a training session or a meal or anything. I have finals this week and will be done next Monday and then have a 3 week break before summer session starts.

I suggest one day is selected as the initial meeting time. If we try to pick a time and day everyone can agree with, then we may never meet. You already started small,2 people, so it can only increase from now on.

Bring your diet and exercise to review.
Show how to perform some of the movements presented in T-mag.