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Arizona Cardinals, DAAAMMMMMNNNN!!!!!


Gotta give props when props are due. Great job to the Cardinals and their fans.

Now, do they have a chance at beating Pittsburgh and their #1 defense? The gambler in me says no, but of course I kept on losing betting against them the last 3 weeks.

One thing going for the Cardinals is that Pittsburgh hasn't faced two stud WR's like Fitz and Boldin in the playoffs. So expect the Cardinals to spread their defense out with multiple WR sets.

And if I was a Cardinals fan, the Steelers have a great defense, but they did face Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Cleveland twice a year to inflate their stats.


fuck the cardinals. horrible team and they dont deserve to even be in the playoffs let alone the fucking superbowl.

Pittsburgh will kill those fucking peasants.


I can only hope it's God will that K Warner gets a 2nd ring before Big Ben.


I watched the game, it was good.
A massive sea of red, and the noise there was awesome to say the least.

Fans really outdid themselves this was an important game for everyone.


How did the Cardinals even make it this far. What a dissapointment. The Eagles should have mopped the floor with them.


The Eagles weren't much better, 9-6-1, come on.

anyways, about the Pitt/Balt game.

That catch that was overturned on a review where the Pitt guy fumbled at the goal line. How the fuck was that reversed? He caught the ball, made 2-3 steps dove and had full control until the ball hit the ground.


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I was pretty pissed about that too. For what it's worth, the running into the kicker penalty on Baltimore looked like BS as well. All in all though, was that a brutal game or what? Man, it was one bone-crushing tackle after another.


Any day a team from philly loses is a good day.

Philadelphia is catching up to Boston on the d-bag fanbase list.


When a player is tackled, they must make it through to the end of the play while still being in possession of the ball. If you watch, he did NOT make two or three steps AFTER he was contacted by the defensive player. He then lost control of the ball. It was clearly not a catch. Even Tomlin wasn't upset about the call.


So horrible they beat a 11-5 Atlanta team, a 12-4 Carolina team on the road by 20, and whipped the Eagles.

If only my favorite team could be so terrible.


I'm sorry, but pardon my drunk ass.

The Eagles f'ed. up. The Cards took it to them from the first play. It was a good game but if the Eagles wanted to win, then maybe they should have tried harder in the regular season to get home advantage.

This is coming from a 49ers fan that acknoledges that they could have beat their asses in the regular season if Martz have would have handled the clock better.


WOOHOOO!! GO 9ers!! :smiley:

If the cardinals can...Maybe next season 9ers can get into the NFC championship..ROFL!


The way the Cards played the last few games of the season, that's what I thought about them getting to the SB.


Hey, no joke. Big_Boss already said this, but the 49ers are going to reintroduce the NFL to what SMASH MOUTH means next season and we are going to have fun with it.

They aren't going to lead the division, but they will make the playoffs next year.

Frank Gore is already salivating at the mouth knowing this.

For those of you that are bandwagon jumpers, you might as well jump on early, cause it's going to be fun. We welcome you provided you jump on NOW!


I fucking love Singletary. What a savage.

And jesus I hope McGahee is ok...probably broke his spine or at least fractured a C vertebrae.



I can just picture your bottom lip sticking out, arms folded, stomping your foot like a pouting little bitch.



Great response.

I'm sure everyone and their brother is predicting the Stealers will "mop the floor" with the Cardinals... like the Panthers were supposed to... and the Eagles...



This matchup was my mid season pick.


bullshit he didn't take 2-3 steps after making the catch. his fee contacted the ground multiple times, they were just short strides b/c the defender was wrapping him up.