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Arizon Strikes Back


Remember the immigration episode? Arizona does.

State to Feds: We're going to investigate Fast and Furious, too

Read more: http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/state/state-to-feds-were-going-to-investigate-fast-and-furious-too#ixzz1kDjfaDQ7


I just don't understand how the feds just ignores the immigration issue....the cost of ignorance is unreal.

There were laws passed to prevent it, and they are not only ignored...but litigated to PREVENT the enforcement of the law.

/brain asplode



This immigration issue is getting interesting.

If you REALLY look at the differences between Liberal and Conservative views; it really has to do with those that are already here.

The "bleeding Hearts" want full amnesty.

The "Hardcore Right" wants full deportation.

Those not on the "ends" of the Political Spectrum want some "path" to legalization that may (or may not?) involve some form of "guest" permit/temporary deportation then "get in line", etc.



Arizona has no balls yeah they will piss and moan if things don't go their way , but Jan Brewer is just like every other politician I can think of out of touch and looking to get reelected


Agree Mufasa.

My only problem is the non enforcement of the law....and the litigation to stop enforcement.

If a GOP president/Attorney General was actively litigating to say......not pay welfare without a drug test and was suing the states that were still paying.

Can you imagine the uproar??

Can somebody make a case for the government suing the states for enforcing the law of the land?



Mufasa: How would you solve the immigration issue? I agree with your bleeding hearts and hardcore right comment.
To me it is a very hard subject to tackle. I am a conservative in Texas and this issue in my opinion is a catch 22. As a disclosure I have family members aunts and uncles who are here illegally and milk our welfare system which in turn makes my blood boil.
So many things to say on this issue. Like I have always told my fellow Mexican family members, the Mexicans are becoming the next African Americans in the sense of being on welfare and always voting democratic. Note not being racist just stating the obvious.


Yes feeling the wrath of the entire MSLM and taking their case all the way to the SCOUS.

No balls at all.

Lemme guess you just wanna welcome anybody who wants to come set up shot and clamp onto the entitlement nipple in the good ol' U.S of A.




I actually think that out of everyone...Gingrich is on the right track. (Which is probably why originally his ideas were ripped apart by the Right). In summary:

1) ANY plan has to secure the Borders FIRST. (I think Border State Mayors, Governors and Law Enforcement most likely will have the best ideas, because they are at "ground zero").

2) Legal Family Sponsorship, with proof of "contributing to your community and society".

3) With #2, one gets a "Temp/Work/Visa" as one works on the path to citizenship.

Now it gets complicated.

a) What about the millions who will meet some, but not all, of these criteria?

b) Who defines "contributing to your community and society"? (Which many LEGAL Americans do not do).

Newt also suggest that you "work on citizenship" back in your home Country and "get in line" behind those attempting to get here legally. (Tough? Reasonable?)

There are NO "easy" answers; but again, I think Gingrich is on the right track.



Agree with this...

Especially #1


Good answers Mufasa, which I could type more but gotta head off to my second job in order to support those on welfare, just being crabby today. Good day fellas.


What's funny is, since Alabama has passed their immigration law, their unemployment has gone down.

Many of the jobs Americans won't do, are being done.


Well my freind you guess wrong , I happen to agree with Brewer on this issue


I do not agree with sponsorship , I do think Children born in America should be citizens period. I also think there should be hardship cases where children that were brought here at a young age , if deemed a contributor to society , should be allowed to stay as well


Hey, Pitt:

I don't disagree; it's just that I can see "contributing to society" as been a Hornet's Nest to try and define.

Again; a lot of legal Americans would most likely not meet the criteria. Then I guess the argument would be "you have to start SOMEWHERE?"

It can get real complicated.



You enforce the laws.

You make it nearly impossible for them to work and make money.

Just like in Alabama and Arizona, they will leave. When the prospect for them doesn't look good, they leave.

This whole "we must round them all up" thinking is pathetic. Use the laws, with an iron fist, they will leave.

Also, birthright citizenship is a mistake, most civilized countries have done away with it, and for good reason.


OK, here's how to reverse the flood of illegal immigrants:

no free health care for illegals*
no free education for illegals*
no automatic citizenship for children born here if either parent is illegal
severe financial penalties for people or companies found to be employing illegals, enough so that it is impossible to make a profit while in violation of the law

*note: the children of illegals, if born elsewhere and came into USA illegally, are also illegal immigrants


All of this in a perfect world....I would settle for # 1 and #4


If you make it hard enough, they will not come.


There is no love loss between the Arizona governor and President Obama over immigration reform. Read that the two of them met briefly yesterday and a tense exchange ensued.

"Mr. and Mrs. Cranky Pants"


We agree it is complex