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Ariza vs Vale


With Khan's next fight now scheduled for 23rd July, we will see whether ditching Vale so unceremoniously has made any difference. The way the Khan camp treated Vale just doesn't seem right to me, but it will be interesting to see how he shows up. There was a whole lot of guff talked about how Vale had got Khan looking more muscular and ripped before the McCloskey fight, followed by even more guff after it about how Ariza had in fact purposefully stripped the muscle off Khan to make him less top heavy, and worked on strengthening his legs.

Some people credit Ariza with the transformation from the Prescott disaster to the win over Barrera. And we all know the success he and Roach have had with other fighters. Whether or not you share my interest in Khan's career, it is still a very interesting question of just how much influence a S+C coach has over the end result.