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Arimistane (75mgED) & Clomid


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that’s a ludicrously high dose of aromasin. In the interest of full disclosure, I went that high for a week to tame my wild E once, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

What is your reasoning for running it so high? Are you suffering from high E symptoms?


I don’t know what NolvadrenXT is but if it is aromasin as Yogi mentioned this is crazy.

The bottle of ‘bunkish’ test the you mention i have assumed is the one you were querying that might actually be Tren.

Tren doesn’t aromatise.

Why would you run an AI at such a crazy dose after doing this?

Even if the dodgy gear is test this still makes no sense.


Arimistane is a suicidal AI that can be bought over the counter similar to Aromasin but not sure how strong or how to dose properly, also your “nolvadrenXT” sounds like over the counter shit you bought from a supplement shop. If it’s not tamoxifen citrate and rather a blend of herbs or random chemicals then you do not infact have “Nolva” and you will not be doing yourself any good. I would evaluate what you actually have. If I am correct then you should get on google and search “Research chemicals” ASAP.



my bad, thought the dude was talking about aromasin. Had to google arimistane.

OTC shit like that sucks. Get real, pharm grade aromasin