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Arimidex While Not on Cycle


This idea may be completely retarded and I wouldn't be surprised if it is. I have some extra Arimidex laying around and have no use for it. I don't currently plan on doing a cycle (due to scarcity and fun I'm having training naturally) so it's just taking up space. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the effects of taking a low dose of Arimidex on making gains.

Now, I understand that estrogen is necessary for proper bodily functions and for making gains. The idea came while thinking about what would happen if the ratio of testosterone/estrogen was altered (but not to a dangerous level) enough to elicit positive effects.

So does anyone think there's any merit to this idea? If ones hormone levels are in their proper ranges, of course.


Gains in weight will be LESSENED by Arimidex, but you could get rid of some water retention or reduce the amount of fat gained by taking it. You may want to take Clomid if you want to increase the activity of the HPTA to stimulate more testosterone production thus leading to a higher anabolic state.


I dont feel comfortable taking advice from someone who hasn't used before, especially on something as unconventional as this. I will never take clomid again, after the negative effects caused by it during PCT for my first cycle. If you can give me a scientific reason why weight gain will be impaired I'll check into that. I'm not discrediting your opinion at all, but I know what arimidex does as far as its effects during cycle i.e water retention, gyno, lipid profile.

Any other ideas as far potential danger or possible dosages ?


Arimidex has no effect on increasing testosterone at all. Look up and post an article on how Arimidex increased T-levels and I will be surprised. It can however affect the ratio from T to E. HCG and Nolvadex\Clomid will have an effect on testosterone production though.


Not gonna help much. It will help your t:e ratio and might cause a little extra t, but not much. The drawbacks would be crappier lipid profile and it would be easy to take e too low and feel shitty, have joint pain,etc. I doubt you will notice any help and I would not do it.


Thanks. I never really said anything about increasing testosterone levels. Obviously there are plenty of legal and illegal ways to do that. I was just curious to hear about the positive effects (if any) of manipulating the T/E ratio with the use of an AI. If I were you I'd be careful recommending HCG and SERMS to raise testosterone levels in case anyone is reading and does not know all of the other effects of those chemicals.
And Pretzel Logic, yea thats what I figured, I just wanted to hear some opinions on the idea. Thanks for your input.


I was not recommending the use of SERMS or HCG to raise your T levels, I was just pointing out the fact that if you did not want to hop on a cycle you could do that to raise them. Of course people read these forums all the time and if they would so readily put something in their body without knowing what it does exactly, that is not my fault.


Nolva is used commony in bicycling/racing and MMA to raise test to help with recovery. Consider that a Test E cycle at 500 mg/week gives plasma test levels apprximately 6 times midrange normal. We all have seen what that can do over a 12 week period. If Nolvadex or Clomid can double normal levels I could see some use for it.

I ahve experiemnted with Letrozol off cycle, which is similar to Adex. I took 0.25 mg every three days for a coule of weeks You will dry up some and I experienced a rebound like effect of increased sex drive. That's about it.


Whether or not you recommended using a SERM to increase T levels is symantics. Re-read the last line the post right before the last. Excuse me if I interpreted that as a recomendation. I'm not particularly interested in regurgitated information. I'm also not interested in starting an argument about this.

Pickapeck, thanks for the first hand experience. And with letro being so much more potent than arimidex the rebound isn't surprising.

I'm going to end this thread now, but thanks for all the input. I'll just save the dex for the future if/when I can find some gear.


People use arimidex and nolva together independent of a cycle for a temporary boost. Cy Willson has recommended this.




My first hand experience: I can't live without Arimidex, as my body all too readily makes estrogen from testosterone. But, check out the link I posted to the research.


Well if there's more info out there then by all means keep this going.

bigdawg what dosage protocol do you follow? every day administration, e3d?


0.25mg EOD, and if I feel I need to do so, on the dose that falls on the weekend, I will take 0.5mg


"Arimidex has no effect on increasing testosterone at all". This is wrong.

Arimidex will decrease E, which in turn causes the HPTA to release more LH. Increasing LH will increase T production.

SERMS like Nolva and Clomid increase LH by a different route, but in effect does the same thing of reducing the amount of E sensed by the HPTA and therefore increasing LH.


You can take Arimidex also to stimulate more testosterone production. SERMs are not the only possible route.


What buffd saif basically, you may also find as well that taking perhaps .25mg e3d will help with cortisol, perhaps this is due to the extra stimulation of the hpta but imo e and cortisol have a link.

So i would reccomend it for a short while of perhaps 8 weeks.
I think Bushy posted an article a few months back by one of the first pioneers of Growth Hormone in Physique Enhancement who had a alot to say reguarding adex and anavar if im not mistaken, that maybe worth a read.


Im 18 and NOT intrested in AAS now or ever but I exercise so heavily sometimes that it can be a drag on my anabolic profile, I will ease of the exercise (Im pretty sure my nautral andro's are through the roof) but is there anything I can take to keep them at their peak and keeping me feeling good, or am I completely wrong. What about aromasin.

any help or anyone who knows someone who could help would be appriciated.


No, do not use A-dex or aromasin.


Keep training hard for several more years before deciding to take ANYTHING that alters your endocrine system.

If anything you can try some of the OTC test boosters, but be aware of whats in them. Some contain ATD which is a fairly potent AI and can potentially mess you up.

TRIBEX or possibly Alpha Male is something you could try although at 18 your money could be spent more wisely on food and protein.