Arimidex w/ clomid during cycle

I know I have posted quite a bit about the topic already, but I really don’t want tits. I will be starting 30mg/day d-bol and 500mg/week sust for 6 weeks. I have 25 arimidex and 100 clomids. Should I take clomid with my arimidex throughout, or should I save the clomid for post cycle therapy only. I’ve been getting mixed answers from everyone about running the clomid throughout, figured I’d try one more time. Thanks for the info. Also, what do you think about running d-bol for 6 weeks instead of 4 with the sust. I know everyone says the shorter the better with d-bol, but is 6 weeks too long.

save the clomid for post. if your that concerned about gyno get some nolva.