Arimidex vs Nolvadex

I am a 27-year-old Caucasian male, height 5’11", weight 166 pounds, approximately 19% Body Fat, and I am on TRT (160mg Test C with 1mg Arimidex weekly, split into 2 SubQ Injections (80 mg Test C and 0.5mg Adex twice a week). I am running new TRT bloodwork in a few weeks - overall I feel pretty good.

I have heard that Arimidex is very toxic, that my dose is very high (1mg a week), and that Nolvadex is a better overall solution compared to an AI. Can someone(s) enlighten me with the facts of the debate and point me to any reputable sources?

Perhaps keep my current AI dosage the same until my BF is lower (currently cutting)?

I also have additional details in my TRT protocol log here: 28 Year Old Dialed In - Had Low Sex Drive, Fatigue, Trouble Sleeping

Allot of the new information points to no ai or any type of estrogen blocker when starting trt. Unless your obese. Even then take very little.

Every body reacts uniquely to the new hormone spike and eventually stabalizes. Some
Lower or increase dosage/frequency to deal with e2. You need blood tests to figure this out and a legit doc.

If I were you I’d lose weight and lean up in order to ditch all those meds except T. Your young and you have decades to live and you don’t want to deal with the negatives of these medicines bro. That’s why I didn’t start.

Allot of information from tot revolution that high estrogen does not kill like low estrogen and shouldn’t be controlled unless you have many symptoms backed up with labs. Even then they suggest temporarily until fat is lost.

I hope that helps… don’t know shiz about the two meds you mentioned .

You need to check out the info coming from that source and you’ll hear what I hear.


I forgot to mention. Im on a similar dosage as you but no ai.


What’s your BF %, Test, and E2 levels? Any adverse symptoms? What’s your dose and how long have you been on it/are you dialed in?

The less chemicals you put in your body the better IMO. If you could lower your test dose a little and get away with no AI that would probbaly be the best option. Losing some body fat would help things too. Blood test results?

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Bloods are posted in the linked TRT log. I am redoing bloods in 1-2 weeks at current 1mg dose. I plan on dropping AI dose as my BF continues to drop.

I am not sure about bf. I am not dialed in. I am 6ft tall and skinny - think cyclist . I have fat around my stomach which probably brings me to 20%. But the rest of my body barely.

My symptoms 6 weeks in are sleep problems. Nipple sensitive and mood changes. However yesterday and today I’m feeling more consistent with mood and physical well being.

I also cut hcg out for time being so that I could first dial in my T . I have a feeling hcg was creating too much e2 and spikes in t

For sure. Have you been on your protocol without the use of an AI, or have you started taking it when you started trt?


On Oct 23rd my protocol (6 weeks in) was 120mg Test weekly and my values were: Total Test - 663 ng/dL; Free Test - 163 pg/mL; Estradiol 34 pg/mL (bloodwork done right before next injection).

On Dec 3rd my protocol (6 weeks in) was 160mg Test weekly with 0.5mg Adex weekly and my values were: Total Test - 708 ng/dL; Free Test - 159 pg/mL; Estradiol 49 pg/mL (bloodwork done right before next injection).

My current protocol is 160mg Test weekly with 1mg Adex weekly (6-7 weeks in) and I am doing bloods in 1-2 weeks. I feel great most of the time and things seem like they are continuing to improve. After this bloodwork I plan on dropping Adex to 0.5mg weekly (or even completely eliminating the AI) as my body fat continues to drop, probably over the next 3-4 months.

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Bump. Any other info?