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Arimidex vs Aromasin and Dosage

Hello guys. I’m entering my third week of solo Test E cycle (500mg weekly).

After my third shot, I started taking arimidex 0.5mg twice a week.

I read on many places that aromasin is much superior to arimidex as it doesn’t affect lipids and you can’t crush estrogen with it.

I’v been thinking to switch to aromasin starting today, can you tell me what dosages should I go and how frequent? From what I know, 12.5mg x 2 per week is the starting point and equivalent to 1mg of adex?

Also I’m not sure if my dosage is high or low? I’v been thinking of adding proviron as well, do I stay on the AI dosage or decrease it then?

I don’t think this is right. It stops aromatase, so it can cause your e2 to drop too low. And since it’s a suicidal inhibitor coming back from crashed e2 would take longer. That being said, have heard some guys like it more than arimidex. Your dosing equivalence looks right. 25mg aromasin = 1mg anastrozole

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Thank you for answering me. And about dosage, I know it’s subjective, but is 2x12.5mg per week considered an ok starting point or too much/low?
I might start using 75mg of proviron as well so not sure if I should lower AI in that case?

No idea man. All depends on bloodwork, how you respond to higher doses of test, lots of factors that are independent to you.

If it were me, I’d start with .25mg anastrozole (so 6.30mg Aromasin) the day after my 250mg test shots, do that for 3-4 weeks, and see how I feel. If I felt bad, I’d get labs to see what’s up. If i felt good, I’d just keep going. Start low, crashed e2 sucks balls.

Yea, proviron will lower e2, so if you add that I’d not take any AI at all and see how you feel. Might not need it

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I stay on a low dose, then pop an extra pill if I feel itchy burning nipples.

On 500mg of Test I stay on 0.25mg Adex every other day. Some days I need an extra 0.25mg. Although everybody aromatizes at a different rate. So bloodwork a couple weeks into your cycle is smart.

The main difference between arimidex and aromasin is that arimidex disables the aromatase enzyme temporarily, while aromasin permanently eliminates it. Some do better with one or the other. Both seem to have negative affects on cholesterol.

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At 400mg Test, 6.25mg Aromasin 2x per week kept me at high normal E2.

200lbs, ~15% BF