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Arimidex Use w/ Testosterone Enanthate?

How do i know if i need an AI? Had an interesting read about half life of arimidex today,and the importance of starting low,say 0,20mg EOD to make it build up in the body over 10 days. One is not ment to feel good the frist day of taking it but after 5 half lifes when it have build up in the system in about 10 days. I was sent some info on this,can post it later,its a little complicated i have to read it several times to grasp it.

But here is my question,how do i know i will need it on my dose that will be 170mg a week split into two doses? Should i start just the test and see if i bloat as the time goes by? if i do bloat i start low dose of it and let it bulid up until it has reached its build up that is 10 days and then see how i feel? If feeling great i stay on 0,20mg AI dose EOD day as long as im on trt? I dont know yet if i want to cycle it first for 16 weeks and do pct and off,or stay on trt dose for atleast a year and then look at what to do. I understand it can be difficult to recover my own production after being on for a year,but then im atleast qualifed for trt-treatment legally and can get it without worry. Im 35 and and have low test already,its only declining as time goes by…its a kind of dilemma,i keep going forth and back with myself on this alot of times.

Safest way to know if you need an AI is have your hormone levels (E2) checked after you have been on your testosterone therapy for a while.

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Ah ok so do bloodwork in week 5 or 6 when the test has build up? what is the chance for getting estro-sides after 2-3 weeks if the test kicks in this early? have read some guys that have effects of test this early but its maybe very rare.

Everyone is different. At trt doses its less likely than bb cycle doses. But still…

High E2 is bad. Low E2 is bad.

i understand. if it kicks in early and negatives symptomes come,then do bloodwork right away? right?

Hrm I dunno. I’m no expert, but if I knew for sure my E2 spiked I’d take an AI before it turned me into an emotional mess.

make sence. so at this point if e2 is raised,its the 0,20mg EOD approach and by day 8-10 i should be feeling better then,can someone vertify if this would be the way to do it? thanks for helping out dungeondweller.

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with 170mg/ w. in 2 doses I’d not use AI.

170mg is the total amount after ester loss is taken into account. Ok i start without AI and do bloods after 5-6 weeks if everything feels ok uptil then. Thanks