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Arimidex Timing


Running 500mg Test E every 4th day (875mg/week) and 0.5mg Arimidex ED

Arimidex might not be quite enough.

I typically notice results from Arimidex with in a couple hours.

If I were to bump it to 1mg on a day would it be better served day of injection while test levels are rising or wait until about 20-24 hours later as levels are peaking and will slowly start lowering until the next injection?

I figure even if E levels are higher the first 20-24 hours it won’t show as much of an effect until test levels start dropping.


Adex seems to work better done EOD - I’ve tried it ED a couple of times and it seemed like it didn’t work anywhere near as well. Have you tried 1mg EOD?

Others who know more than I do will be able to expand on this…


ED you’re gonna get more of it, since the half life is 2 days (it’ll build up a little more)… I do use 1mg ED for 350/ 400mg test/ w. It looks a lot for some people but you need to try and see if it works for U.


Thank you guys.

I do think my E2 levels were high (cycle started on the 6th so everything was adjusting) and then spiked quite a bit but I think some of my symptoms were caused by sickness, dehydration and no fiber.

I bumped the arimidex up to 1mg per day for a couple days as the diet and sickness were rectified. The bloat went away but my energy levels were crashing.

Now I am slowly backing off the Arimidex and being very careful with my diet. I am hoping to be in the 0.5mg EOD of arimidex.

My next shot is Saturday so I should have a better idea come Sunday night.