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Arimidex Timing with Testosterone Propionate

Hello fellas,

currently, I’m running a very moderate cycle:

Test-Propionate only, 50-60mg EOD (im now in week 8 of 12 weeks planned).

I didn’t use Arimidex in the previous weeks, but than I was geting a tingling sensation in both nipples from time to time.

I think that due to it’s fast acting, it’s high bioavailability and fast aromatisation, I should’ve started with A-Dex from the start, but better late than never.

To combat a possibly beginning gyno, I’m currently using Tamoxifen 20mg - im on day 6 of 7 now.I heard that you could “reset” your estrogen with this short protocol during cycle.

So now my question:

**I thought of 0,75mg of Arimidex taken 2 hours before my 60mg Test-Propionate injection. **
Do exactly this every second day until my cycle is over and I go in PCT.
Does this sound legit for you? Opinions welcome!


You’re going to suppress your natural production using a peasly 50-60mg eod as a ‘cycle’? Why? Arimidex for tingling nipples because your hormones are fluctuating now?.

Any idea what a terrible plan this was?

You can use Adex EOD together at injection time, I would try at 0.25 EOD, but without blood works it’s hard to say. Anyway use the lowest dose as possible and see how you respond. Personally I would inject all propionate esters ED, I know that can be harsh but avoid possible e2 spike in theory, you could try SQ as well and see how you feel.

Unless his natural T is < 400, it’s definitely not enough. And on this tiny cycle, an AI is… Nevermind.

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Thanks man, appreciate it and though of applying daily before. What do you mean with SQ?

Why? Because my t-levels where fucking low at 270 - max. 450 ng/dl. And this was for 1,5 years straight and I developed depression which was totally lifted afters 2 weeks of using test.

In Germany where I Live, TRT sucks big time - at most doctor’s you have to come to their office every 12 weeks and they give you a 1g shot of testosterone undecanoate. You peak heavily right after and you feel like shit in the last weeks before your next injections.

Of course arimidex to prevent gyno from the beginning.

Who taught this bro science to you?

You don’t need an AI whatsoever. If your levels are tanked get on TRT. You should do a lot more reading up on this stuff. No offense… Admittedly there is a lot to learn.

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Why you call anti-gyno treatment with arimidex bro science?

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Yes. It’s not the estrogen that causes gyno.

Watch the videos on my channel called TRT and Hormone Optimization.

You have a lot of catching up to do… Just as I once did.

We will be doing a deep dive into estradiol tomorrow with Dr Jordan Grant.

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Tingling sensations in the nipples does not mean gyno. Using .75mg/eod of anastrozole will likely lead to you having the worst depression (plus the horrible physical effects) you’ve ever experienced. That shit is nothing to play with. Once you crash your estrogen you’ll understand. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Very few people use an AI with 500mg because they don’t need it. You’ve read a bunch on reddit and you have bad info (we’ve all been there) but you’re here now so take the advice from people with real experience having done what you’re thinking of doing. If you’re extremely worried about gyno get yourself some Tamoxifen and keep on hand. If gyno develops it can reverse it. Keep in mind gyno takes a while to develop. It’s not a “wake up one morning and have bitch tits” type thing.


Arimedex should almost never be used in TRT it is a horrible drug.
If there is a real gyno developing the treatment is with nolvadex, but not like run it for prevention.

@hellorhighwater Bro I lived in Germany for 5 years and I know how doctor are for TRT protocol…I understand you
SQ means to inject in the subcutaneous tissue i.e fat, there are a lot of stuff on youtube or google.
My suggestion is to take lowest dose as possible every time you inject. I’m on TRT as well and the first couple of weeks you could feel a tingling sensation on nipples for sure, I felt it too, broscience has nothing to do with it, AI is not healthy to take if you don’t need it, but if you decide to start it because you need it than take it! ( you should do a blood work in 4-5 weeks)
You should take 0.12mg EOD with injection and see how you respond. Unfortunately this is hard to say without lab work, anyway gyno takes a lot of time to develop and with dose you take you should not worry bro

*0.12/0.25mg EOD (0.25mg EOD with 50/60mg test p EOD ‘could be’ a lot)

That’s not gyno. If you got a head ache you wouldn’t automatically decide to use radiation because you think it’s a brain tumor.


Im on the same dose of test, and dont use an AI. Stopped it cold turkey after 4 weeks and it was the best decision regarding protocol.


@dextermorgan YES, you’re 100% right, I wrote this, he would need to wait and do things well, this depend on him

@middleages me neither, but we are not all the same. This is a game in my opinion, until you find the right dosages

I knew this thread was going to be interesting.


Forget everything you think you know about gyno, estrogen and the need for an AI. It’s all wrong. It’s all old bs stuff that people believed for years but just isn’t true.

Take however much T you want, stay steady (I wouldn’t use prop but that’s up to you) and go with it. If you have actual gyno (lump, not sensitive nips) then consider something like nolva. That’s it. Super simple.


We def are all different, but you shouldn’t start with an AI. EOD shots tends be less shock and you allow your body to do its thing with hormones. Blocking Estrogen stops the natural flow of that from happening

I will check out your channel.

Do you think gyno is caused by prolactin alone? I always prolactin only works with high estrogen causing gyno.

Anyway, I see there’s already a gyno video on your channel

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