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Arimidex Tabs vs Liquid


anyone have any experience which is better? i can get 1mg tabs. stay away or OK? looking to run test E 600mg/week soon.


Tabs could be fake, or liquid could be fake. As long as it is a legit product they are equally effective. Trust your source.


People have been saying certain research liquids are no good (can't say which ones) but if you get the real tabs (i dont think to many fakes around) you should have no problem.


Depends on your financial situation I would say. Tabs tend to be more expensive IME than the liquid adex. Having said that, if your tabs are pharm grade then you know they are dosed correctly. Occassionally it seems that liquid adex can have some mix and match strengths and you have to play around with the dosing. I use liquid because it's economical and easy to adjust the amount that works best for you. Just my two cents...


If you have a source that sells ancillary drugs but is NOT a research chem company, they are likely to be very decently made.. ancillaries are cheap and the return from 1000mg of anastrazole is enormous when sold cheaply and dosed perfectly.

For any research chemical company to underdose their products (i have one in mind..) is nothing short of greedy..

As for the OP question, i think that liquid products can be as good as any pill.. it depends who makes it.. :wink:


I see what you did there...very clever :wink:


would the 1mg be too much and should i split the tabs to start? what happens if you take a little too much arimidex than needed?


Try starting with 0.5mg/d. Adjust as required:

Bloating, sensitive nipples, gyno, emotional, low libido = too high estrogen => increase AI dose

Achy joints, mental fogginess, low libido, grump morale = too low estrogen => decrease AI dose


I ordered my arimidex from the site named after a mythical creature, made of an element with a relative heavy molecular weight. Did I screw up???


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Dragon i expect.


Since we are playing this game... What do you guys think of the place where one might STOP off to do some RESEARCH?


I have no idea what you are saying to me right now..


Haha, was thinking the same thing. There are two RC sites I know of/use. ONE..that Brook already alluded to and another that is very innovative. I've been a bit dissapointed with the ONE that seems more concerned with the taste rather than the quality so from here on out I'll probably be using the second site I mentioned.


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Fireflyz I know the metallic lizard-like creature you speak of. Do you have experience with them?


Just dissolve in vodka and voila? That easy? I'll be looking at that next then, infinitely better than my current situation. Same with nolva?

@Bence, I'm not sure what you mean. The two RCs I referenced are both well known on this board and have whole threads devoted to them.


However, what BBB failed to mention is any powder source is not going to be willing to sell you 1g of adex only.. most deal in higher volumes than that - significantly.

The best bet is to ask someone with a powder source to sell you 1g for a small premium.. :wink:


Haha thanks for the heads up, Brook. I'll have to ask around and see what I come up with.


BBB Ireland ??