Arimidex Tablet Dosing Question

I am just starting my very first cycle which is a simple Test-E 500mg/week cycle. My gear arrived yesterday and I have noticed that Adex is in the form of 1mg tablets.

I am following the newbie cycle planning sticky in this forum (with prisoner test taper). The sticky recommends an adex dose of 0.25mg EOD. How do you guys achieve this? Do you break the tablet into four pieces? Can I instead take 1mg a week?

TL;DR: Is 1mg once a week of Adex the same as 0.25mg EOD?

na, break the tablets up into little bits. You can buy pill cutters for this purpose. They’re only a couple of bucks and work very well.

I use one to cut the tiniest little letro pills you’ve ever seen into quarters. You don’t always get it perfect but it’s close enough