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Arimidex Side Effects

Does anyone else get any sides from Arimidex? I’m currently taking liquid arimidex and although it’s very effective, .25mg makes me feel terrible. I get light headed, dizzy, headache, etc…

Anyone else experience this?

With a liquid product you may be aspirating an area of greater concentration so be sure it’s shaken well before you draw. For instance if you suck up from an area with particles you may be getting more than you think. But anyway, yes I get some sides from arim. Libido suppression and general shit feeling as well as a rise in LDL and fall of HDL are possible. I take .25mg EOD when I’m running an aromitizing androgen only. Like test or d. I never run it post cycle, only while on, and usually don’t run it at all as I get good results from nolvadex. A lot of guys use this but it’s relatively new, guys have been using d and test long before this was around and nolv or clom was okay. (I’m a nolvadex fan) I’d only use this if you know you need it/have had estro related sides in the past. And it is not needed with anavar, winny, masteron and won’t do anything against anadrol, deca, tren