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Arimidex Quick Fix?


Hi guys ill keep this one short lol... Im a 22yr old male and have not started TRT YET...
If my levels are currently:
everything else is normal range...
Does anyone know from experience or for sure knows that arimidex alone at high doeses say 1mg day could fix my low test without having to seek out TRT? And does anyone know for sure if it could raise up to the 700-800 range??

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and all the post


1mg/day would make you mentally ill.

Estradiol is not something that you want to take too low. With low T, that dose would be more harmful than for a guy with higher T.

You do not need much of an competitive AI like arimidex when there is not much T to aromatize.

A dose of .5mg/wk seems to be a good trial dose for guys with lower T. Best taken every other day [EOD]. With tablets, that is hard to manage. This is where a liquid product can be better that can be dispensed by the drop.

This may improve T. But you will definitely feel a better T:E ratio. Positive effects can often be very apparent in 10-14 days. Libido is the fastest responder.

These issues are best handled on the over 35 lifter forum with the other TRT traffic.

Anastrozole over-responders: Some will get very low E levels from typical dose. These guys will feel like crap. They need to stop dosing for 6-7 days then find if 1/4 or 1/8th of the expected dose feels right.

With lab work, adjust dose to get E2=22pg/ml. Example: if 0.5mg produces E2=28, new dose should be 0.5 *28/22. This will also correct a dose for E levels that are too low.

If using Labquest, you need to spec 'ultra high sensitivity' or you may get a result that states E2<28 which is not useful.


thanks KSMAN i just picked it up right now... I think im gonna take .25 every other day and see from there....


btw it was tablets that he perscribed...


How many mg per tab?


.25mg EOD is 0.875 mg/week. Might be more than needed. .25mg E3D would be the next smaller tablet friendly dose.


ok i think I will start lower at .25 every 3 days and adjust from there i will let you know thanks KSMAN


I'm curious. In order to take 0.25mg of a 1mg Adex tab would one break the tab into quarters or dissolve the entire tab into a liquid? If in fact dissolving the tab is preferred, then do you simply drink the concoction afterward or should you add it to some other type of drink like fruit juice or something similar?


Splitting the tab into quarters should be doable.

If not, crushing it and dividing the powder seems more simple than dissolving it into a solution.

I'll subscribe to this thread for any progress / updates on test results if this actually works. Its not common for doctor to prescribe a breast cancer drug to men.


Arimidex alone wont dissolve in water alone - and there are the binders in a pill to consider.

Splitting a tablet into quarters is easily done and the simple answer; which is usally the best one.