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Arimidex Question, Crashed E2?

New to this page and new to trt so please excuse my ignorance. Ive been on trt for about 11 weeks now taking 200mg a week in split injections and was told by the doc to take arimidex 1mg a day. I now know after research that ammount is way too high. But i did this for about 7 weeks. Sex drive is low and soft erections. Started with test at 201 and e2 at 100. Going next week for my blood work to see where im at now. Im more than certain that i crashed my e2. Ive been off the arimidex for 4 weeks now and havent felt back to normal yet sex drive wise. My question is is 4 weeks too long that i havent felt back to normal? Thanks for your time.

1mg a day is insane, typical AI dosing is 1mg AI total weekly for every 100mg of testosterone, you were effectively taking enough AI for 700mg weekly of testosterone! I’ve heard it can take a month or two before E2 recovers. The problem with E2 is you don’t feel the effects of low E2 until it’s too late. I’ve heard of rare exceptions where it take longer. It all depend how fast your liver clears out E2, even when you’re E2 gets within range you may not feel it’s effects right away.

You already know it’s time for another doctor, the one you have is horribly inexperienced.

yeah i just completely got off of it and just waiting to see how i feel. This has been the end of my fourth week and ive seen most forums say it might take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. I feel great since i started trt loosing weight strengh improved but low sex drive is just killing me. I appreciate your reply.

I read a long time ago, that the longer your e2 is low, the longer it will take to get back up. I think this might be somewhat true. I have had my e2 fall down and I have stopped taking the AI or DIM before it got too bad, and I bounced back quick… But I have crashed it with arimidex and it took a few weeks before it came back up…

Something that it talked about on the internet, and I have done personally is DRINK BEER! I know its not ideal, but it does increase your aromatase enzyme. Probably not the best idea, but if your desperate…

Please just get some bloodwork done so you’re not flying completely blind. Estrogen is extremely difficult to gauge sometimes. You also could have rebounded and have high e2 currently. The only way you’ll ever know and get balanced is with methodical bloodwork and changes to dosing based on those results.

There are a number of foods that increase e, I ate a lot of them when I crashed my e, and although it could have been placebo, I felt better very quickly.
I remember reading that soy was high in estrogen, I would drink a few cartons of the stuff, and I swear I would feel much better within hours!
As I said, could have been placebo, but it worked for me.