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Arimidex Post Sideffects for 6 Months


Hi everyone, first of all excuss my english i came here asking for help.
Im 22 years old guy from Sweden.

I have used arimidex for 3 weeks 6 months ago due to high estrogen problems, i had depression, muscle loss, no sex drive and brain fogg, and alot more for nearly 8 months due to useage of dht blocker Saw palmetto , my hormones come back normal but estrogen was allways at the high end, and it was making all the testosteron useless I didnt know about that until 7 months later , so i used arimidex for 3 weeks started at 0.25 mg eod and then 0.25 mg ed and then 0.5 mg ed for a week and cut back to 0.25 ed and then used 1 mg for three days.

I felt the increase in dht was tremendesly in the first two weeks, got acne, very aggressiv and very high sex drive and too much feeling of well being and confidence, then i felt like crap the last week then when I stopped the day after my estrogen crashed and felt like shit for 2 weeks and it got little better and stayd the same for the past 6 months, my blood work come back normal, e2, testosteron, and alot more, can post the result here if you want, but i still feel very diffirent in some way, i have bone loss, no sex drive, no morning wood, memory loss and, difficulty to concentrate and have no thoughts in the head the exact opposite to high estrogen, lost alot of skin thikness due to collagen loss, and have burning sensation in the joints.

I have met two different doctors and they coudnt help they just said my problem have nothing to do with hormones, but it all started with armidex..

I feel like i have the opposite problem know that dht blocking all the receptors when i used to much arimidex.
So guys, do any of you have som experince about this or can help please? Im realy tired of not feeling normal.


Your estrogen was too low. Arimidex/anastrozole has a long half life. After you introduce anastrozole or change the dose, it takes 6-7 days for the levels to become steady state. So you cannot make rapid changes! And after a change, the effects on your tissues can take time to occur.

Post your lab work with lab ranges.

Please read the “advice for new guys” sticky.

Depending on your testosterone levels, you may need 0.5 - 1.0 mg/week [in divided doses]. More info in the sticky, note ‘anastrozole over-responder’.

You overdosed on anastrozole. Your brain, libido and joints need some estrogen.


But it has been over 6 months now and arimidex should now completely left the body, i think it has something to do with estrogen not reaching the receptors because of the overfload of dht that i got during the usage time… there is no other explataion…
You can read this article about the antagonist effect of dht
How does DHT protect against estrogen? There are at least three ways that this likely occurs. First of all, DHT directly inhibits estrogens activity on tissues. It either does this by acting as a competitive antagonist to the estrogen receptor or by decreasing estrogen-induced RNA transcription at a point subsequent to estrogen receptor binding"


120 /3.671 = 32.7 pg/ml

That is a bit higher than what we recommend here.

Post your lab work with lab ranges. Not just E2.

Please read the “advice for new guys” sticky.


What do you mean by that?, you can see the range goes up to >160
But i still have the oppoiste side effects of high estrogen because i have been there.
Thanks for helping.










Can you get better pictures? Your camera may have a macro mode, look for a symbol of a flower or simply type the data into your post.

The range of E2 is what is seen in 95% of the population of men tested to establish the range. The range does not mean normal health. Many men have higher E2 levels and they have many problems because of this. You want E2 closer to E2=22pg/ml.

Many doctors are ignorant and do not understand what lab ranges mean. They think that the statistical normal ranges mean a normal state of health. We see even more insanity in thyroid hormone levels.


Yes!! that was my problem in the beginning when i suffered from depression and other side effects to to estrogen beibg in the high end of the range, the doctor didnt want to prescribe arimidex thats why i had to use it on my own, now i got rid of the problems with the depression and muscle loss, but now i have the other side effects that are even worse because i have no clue what is happening…


Should be closer to 1.0

Please read the tyroid basics sticky
– check your body temperature when you wake and middle of the afternoon
– do you use iodizes salt [you should!]
– many of the side effect of [subclinical] hypothyroidism are similar to hypogonadism [low-T]

Is E2 too low now?

Cholesterol=3.6 2.9-6.1
If cholesterol is too low, there can be many negative health effects!
4.68 would be idea
3.16 is associated with increased all-cause mortality.

Do labs for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dehydroepiandrosterone_sulfate
If low, take 25mg DHEA per day. Might be hard to get there.

Does your diet make cholesterol low?


Thats Fsh not tsh.
My testosteron if fine and my estrogen is not low, i have breast tenderness sometimes. But its really frustrating what cousing those side effects…
Im sure its not because of high estrogen, i had high estrogen for 7 months and i remember every side effect.