arimidex post cycle ?

I am starting a 6 week sust/d-bol cycle and was wondering if I am going to have to continue arimidex after my last shot of sust. I figure the answer is yes because it will remain in my system for some time, but I wasn’t sure. Also, I am prone to gyno and I plan on going .5 arimidex EOD, would it be better to go .25 ED.

due to the half life of anastrozole, EOD dosing is fine. no need to split the pill any more than required. as for post cycle the answer is yes. run it about two weeks post and you’ll be fine. remember to keep nolva on hand incase your adex is misdosed. i needed exactly this with the cycle i am currently on. it saved my ass. or should i say it saved my tits.

Clomid + Nolva post cycle is proven. Adding Arimidex post cycle is also proven to help boost FSH levels. It also boosts cholesterol and destroys HDL!

i am not suggesting adding adex post cycle. simply running it throughout the cycle as it is a superior aromatase inhibitor, until exo test levels have dropped sufficiently. this is generally two weeks post. also, using nolva concurrently with clomid post cycle is redundant and not needed. a good heavy clomid frontload and steady dosage is sufficient.

I have my clomid, when would you suggest starting my clomid, and when and how much should I frontload, during a six week sust-500/week cycle.

i would say start about 2 weeks post. frontload it at 300mgs/day 1. then 100mgs/days 2-10. then 50mgs/ed as long as needed for recovery