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Arimidex or Nolvadex During Cycle?

Hi there! Im a beginner so please be patient!

Weight : 141.096 lbs
Height: 5.6

My first cycle was winstrol and testosterone. Started October 8 and finish november 3 then took a week off and now im on a sustaplex and Testosterone Cypionate. During the last weeks i have been experience some Itching, sensitive and tenderness in my nipples. This week i have notice my nipple are more hard, more puffy and a little bigger than usual and have a little pain in the right nipple. Yesterday i bought arimidex(anastrozole) and took 0.5mg EOD. Today went to de drugstore and have some tamoxifen (nolvadex, very lucky to have one box) . My question is do i have to take nolvadex too? or take only nolvadex or only arimidex? Second question is the dosage of both medications. Thanks for the support, and sorry for my english im from South America,Peru things here are more difficult to get,buy.


If you take both, you’re likely to crash your E2. Personally I would take nolvadex at 20 mg/day to start then increase your dose if needed. If you do increase split it over the day. Half in the morning, half at night

Arimidex is an Aromatase Inhibitor(AI) type drug and Nolvadex is a Selective estrogen receptor modulators(SERM)… of the two AI’s are stronger at treating estrogen related issues than SERMS
The best thing to take for gynecomastia related issue (puffy large nipples) is a different AI type drug called Letrozole(Femara)… it is similar to Arimidex but stronger… and it can reverse gynecomastia by taking 2mg every day until nipples go down… then after that you keep dose to .5mg EOD for the rest of your cycle

It really depends on how sensitive you are to aromatising drugs and how much you’re taking. Like the guys above said, start with nolvadex and take others if needed.

The latest fad on this forum is 20mg of Nolvadex every day.
The drug company recommends 10mg to 20mg/day. Nolvadex will not reduce any of the high E2 symptoms other than gyno. You will still start crying everytime you see someone kick a dog on TV. HaHa no I’m not kidding. I’m no fan of this drug.

Anastrozole in micro doses(.125mg X3/wk) worked wonders for me. My pcp had me on T cyp mono and said my E2 and prolactin would go down on its own. Both were over range after 6 months. When I squeezed my nipple in his office and fluid came out I told him he was FIRED.

Do not, under any circumstance, do this. Letro is notoriously hard to dose and there is zero room for error. What he is suggesting is for advanced users who have experience with Letro and who know how much is too much. You should be able to combat gyno symptoms from using Nolva in moderate doses. Yes, Letro will work, but it’s very easy to overdose it and end up much worse than you were before.

Thanks for the answers and time bros really helping here!. How much time does the nolvadex takes to work? Should i stop taking the Arimidex right? Because i am taking the two right now, and i have stop the cycle also,
thanks again

What did you end up going with and did it reverse your gynecomastia issues?