Arimidex or Nolva?

I’m running a 12 week test E cycle 250mg 2xs a week. I been using .25 a dex MWF and everything’s been good. I decided to start my HCG 250iu the days i pin the test. I did some reading and people are saying to run nolva instead of A-dex while running HCG. What’s everyones input on this ? Thanks

That is not enough HCG you need 800iu/wk to keep your balls swinging freely.
The TRT guys run HCG and anastrozole all the time.

It depends on the person. I am a “TRT guy” and needed and still use 1000 IU three times per week to have my kid and will continue doing so in the hopes for more kids.

OP: I think your post belong in the roids sub-forum.

I have only used HCG in limited fashion just so you know where this is coming from.

If I understood everything I have read then the HCG will make your balls aromatize testosterone regardless of how much arimidex you take. I don’t know how much aromatizing your dosage will cause. While on the testosterone e you need the arimidex to control the aromatizing of that testosterone and if your hcg dosage is high enough you will need to block the estrogen HCG causes from starting gyno. I dont know if taking both arimidex and Nolvadex will interact with one another. So the answer MIGHT be you need both yet that might be a bad idea.

Hopefully someone with some more experience with HCG will chime in here.