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Arimidex or Nolva After Stopping TRT?

I’ve decided to do PCT after stopping TRT.
I wrote a rambling post last week but now my thoughts are clearer and I would like advice on 1 question, what to take for PCT and what DOSE.

I was not taking much test, 125mg sustanon every 5-6 days.

So I don’t think I need a full strength PCT regimen.

I have Arimidex and Nolva available.

I would like to do this PCT and be done with taking anything else.

Any help is appreciated: I can start today and do labs in 1 week to see where I’m at.

Not sure what you read but you can’t compare arimidex to Nova.

I think you meant to compare clomid with Nova.

Arimidex is a different drug that works to lower your e2.

The other 2 work by telling your brain that there is no estradiol (which there is) and increases fsh And LH which should increase testosterone.

So you do not want arimidex for a pct

You should know by now it doesnt matter if you were taking 125mg or 1250mg. You are shut down just the same.

I stopped 3 months ago and my test is within 20 points of where it was before I started. Just under 500. So I hope that I’m not completely shut down and am on the road towards producing my own.

However my E2 is double.

Thanks for the clarification.

So what’s a good conservative dosage to start with?

If you stopped 3 months ago and you Test level is around what it was before you started, then you are at your full function, the opposite of shut down. If you were shut down your test level would be close to zero this far out.Taking Clomid or Nolvadex will increase your T, but usually increases E2 as well. The E2 will go down on its own after a while.

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