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Arimidex or Aromasin for a Lifetime Without TRT to Keep Estrogen Levels Normal

Hi everyone. My estradiol level is at 39 and i am only 27 years old , am decently muscular but feel like total shit with social anxiety because of my high estradiol level. I tried every supplement to reduce estrogen and boost t levels but they didnt help much. Total T is 650 and dht is 140 which is extremely high. But yet i look like i am only 16 years old. I will not take clomid or nolvadex as they also increase estradiol. The only question i have is will using arimidex or aromasin for a lifetime be safe if taken every alternate day? Will it cause liver damage? Can someone please answer if letrozole is safe to be used every other day for a lifetime? Will it shutdown my natural testosterone production and will i still be able to have children?

What leads you to believe that the problem is your E2? Your age has nothing to do with that level, BTW. It is not actually all that high, maybe you should be getting treatment for something else.

out of curiosity would you say you’re lacking secondary sexual characteristics and/or adequate virilization (of genitalia, other tissues)

mild Androgen insensitivity does exist, but is very rare

The side effects i have are all the exact same as a person who has high estrogen levels. My face also retains a lot of water, i have brain fog, memory problems, havent had a morning wood since years. Havent gotten sexually aroused since the past 3 months as i have been recomping inspite of keeping my fat intake high and taking supps. I feel a lack of motivation for doing everything except fot going to the gym. 38 is quite a high number for a man. I need to get it to around 22 atleast. Will reduce my dose as soon as i start feeling good and i am aware that aromasin can increase cholesterol levels. All these side effects seem to be too much of a coincidence. If i dont see any improvements i will stop using it.

I am lacking secondary sexual charecteristics to an extent. Even though i am 27 years old i still look like a boy and not a man. Facial hair growth is also like that of a young boy. Barely have any body hair. My face bone structure is round even when its lean. Penis size is normal though. Feel lethargic and demotivated most of the time. Pubic hair growth is normal. I just want to try aromasin and see if it helps. If it doesnt then i will stop using it. Considering the fact that i havent used any steroids in the past having such a high level of estrogen is not normal. My bodyfat is currently 21 percent. I do not wish to use any test as it is already high enough. Its very frustrating that inspite of having such a high dht level which makes you a man and also a good testoserone level i look and behave nothing like a man. Sex drive also sucks now while recomping.