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Arimidex Off Cycle = Increased Aggression

Hi guys,

My blood test showed an elevated E2, so some high ranked members advised me 0,25mg Adex E3D.

Now, during a cycle I increase the Adex to 0,5mg E3D and I experience no aggression at all. Even on 750mg of Test E with 60mg of dbol, i’m relax (except for the occasional irritation).

But… When I’m off cycle the 0,25mg of Adex can turn me into some serious rage. I’m sure it’s the adex because i’ve been off for some weeks and it started the day after(took it during the evening). Now, 2 days later I had 3 cases of road rage on a stretch of 5 miles… of course this aggression is superb during my workouts, it’s far less enjoyable in normal life (work, in the car).

Why is this? Is my E2 too low and my Test too high because of it?

I could get a new blood test, but it’s only been a month or two and my doctor is asking questions already.