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Arimidex Negative Side Effects

Please help me out here guys I don’t know what to do.

i’ve done 2 cycles now, my first was test cyp and tbol. my 2nd was prop and tren A

during my first cycle (500mg cyp /wk) I started off taking arimidex at 1mg per day (per my gear guru) after further research I realized i was probably taking too much and cut the dosage in half. I continued research and realized I was killing my estrogen based on the side effects I was getting and started taking it every few days.

long story short I stopped taking arimidex all together and waited for signs of high estrogen, periodically I would get sensitive nipples and would take 1/2 mg of adex. the sensitivity would go away within about a day and I would repeat the process.

during my 2nd cycle (300mg prop, 500 mg tren A) I did the same thing however I only dosed once during the 12 weeks and the next several days were extremely rough for me, having felt like it crushed my estrogen. I didn’t dose again during the cycle and had no issues what so ever.

everything I read online says that not taking an AI is one of the worst things I can do. but the side effects from taking even a small amount of adex seem to be worst for me than not taking it at all. what should I do in this situation? I don’t feel like shit by not taking it, should I continue to dose if needed or should I dose AI regardless if it makes me feel like shit or not.

starting next cycle soon, (cyp, deca, dbol) please send some feedback

The AI rule of thumb seems to be: unless you absolutely need it, don’t take it. If you’re getting sensitive nips try 20mg everyday of Nolvadex first. Might find a new guru.