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Arimidex Needed for 100mg/wk of Test?

I am 32. Is arimidex needed on 100mg of test a week? Is there any way to lower my chances of needing arimidex? Will splitting test dosage twice a week lower my chances of increasing estrogen and needing arimidex?


yes in almost all cases
not substantially
yes, but will not take one to optimal, there are other benefits

Benefits of injecting more often:

Less T spikes that drive higher E2 leading to more SHBG and lower FT.
T levels to not drop deeply, leaving one feeling bad with an adverse E2:FT ratio.
Lab numbers more representative of what is really going, on instead of a snap shot of a moving target.
Anastrozole is a competitive drug, if T levels are not steady, anastrozole match to T levels is not right.
You feel better.
Dosing routine more in harmony with hCG and anastrozole half life.

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