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Arimidex Makes Me Feel Like Crap

I am on week 3 of test cyp 400mg, I took arimidex 0.25 ED and after 2 days I started to feel like crap: brain fog, sleepy, lack of hunger.
I will get blood work next week and make sure it is not related to E2 being low.
Is it possible that I am sensitive to arimidex? Do you guys have experienced something similar on a low dose and then felt better after switching to aromasin for example.? Is it possible that I don’t need AI on 400mg of test? Although I started to notice some gyno but no painful nipples, sex drive was through the roof, felt warm all the time and no acne.
I honestly wish I’d never taken arimidex.

It’s a common side effects of adex, I would try asin again and nolvadex.

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Cut it to every 2nd or 3rd day. If you’re noticing gyno, I’d stay on it. At least until I found something else. Good luck.

I’m pretty sure he has been on it since the beginning of his cycle. Also make sure your eating enough healthy fats and leafy greens, they are essential for hormone control.