Arimidex Lowers my Total Testosterone

Wondering if anyone can help point me to something that might explain this. I’ve been on HCG Mono for about a year now for secondary hypdogonadism while trying to start a family. Current treatment is 540iu HCG EOD subQ. For about 8 months I took .25mg arimidex EOD. I’ve felt pretty good, but have had memory issues so I figured I’d try tweaking arimidex dosages to play with one of the variables. Eliminating the arimidex didn’t have much affect on my labs. Sensitive E2 was around 40 w/o adex and 36 with. TT remained around 500-600.

So then I tried going the other way by doubling my adex dose to .5mg every other day for about 6 weeks. I felt much lower anxiety at the higher adex dose and was expecting good lab #'s back. Labs came back with E2 at 19, but TT at 330. Went back to .25mg and E2 was back to 38 with TT of 550. Then I increased my adex dose to .5 again for 6 weeks…and same lab results – lowered E2 AND lowered TT (300).

So everything I’ve read would lead me to believe the opposite should occur in relationship to E2 and TT. Can anyone give me some points to research that might help explain when I’m seeing a decrease in TT on the higher dose of adex?

Very odd and unexpected.

Part of this is too much hCG creating higher T–>E2 inside the testes where anastrozole is ineffective.

When you take 0.5mg anastrozole EOD you are really driving T–>E2 down in peripheral tissues. There has been conjecture that doing this would eliminate T–>E2 inside the brain where E2 is used locally. I have never seen evidence of this effect before. But I can’t see how any of that would affect how T production in the testes from hCG would be affected.

"So everything I’ve read would lead me to believe the opposite should occur in relationship to E2 and TT. " does not apply as your HPTA is shutdown. You must always be considering the context for such things.

So I am thinking “out loud” but do not have an explanation. I could go wild and speculate that thyroid function was affected that affected testes.

For fertility, you would be better off with a SERM if that leads to decent LH/FSH levels. FSH has a critical role in sperm production.