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Arimidex Liquid without Vodka


Does anyone have any solutions to creating low dose Arimidex or liquid Arimidex (.12mg - .25mg) without Alcohol? (In recovery and dont want any liquor in my system)


Capsules and a gram scale is the only thing I can think of


This was posted by @gonadthebarbarian

“Dissolve pill in amount of solvent. I put 1mg pill into 10ml water. I dose 1ml of solution a day with the pipette which gives me 1/10mg daily. Since I’m using water, I refrigerate the solution”

Seems to be working for him. Probably best not to make a big batch. I’d definitely shake it around a little bit before every dose. If you’re trying to use it right away I would split the pill a few times if possible before trying to dissolve it.


Yep, that works great for me.

Scorelando: BTW, have you considered “the sinclair method” and naltrexone?


There are liquid products from research chem outfits on the WWW that use propylene glycol, glycerine, PEG etc.

8 drops of alcohol every other day or 2 drops for over-responders …

The issue is that anastrozole likes oily vehicles or alcohol, “scant” ability to dissolve in water. Some products were discussed at length at this site many years ago because the anastrozole came out of solution.


If you want to go the vegetable glycerine route, you can get a gallon of it from Tractor Supply for 20$. I’d imagine that’s damn near a lifetime supply.


This was my thought. Buy it in liquid form. Problem solved.