Arimidex is Must During Cycle. True?

I’m Johnny, 114kg-BF:15%
So far I started my cycle this week. I’m using Silimarina, multivitamins, vitamin C, B12…
And now there’re some people saying that I must take Arimidex during my cycle to prevent gyno… Other ones say that it’s totally stupid because the price of Arimidex is a way too high and it’d block a percentage of my gains while taking it during the whole cycle.

My cycle:
-Sustanon 250: 750mg/week(week 1-8)
-Boldenone: 500mg\week (1-8)
-Trembolone: 2ml/week (8-16)
-Testosterone Propionate: 2ml/week (8-16)

What are your opinions guys? What should I really use during my cycle? We’re not talking about PCT, we’re talking about what to TAKE During a cycle to prevent gyno or why you don’t need to take anything…

I do not take AIs or Serms how ever I ALWAYS have it on hand because you never know if or when something will happen. Considering this seems like your first cycle you need to buy it and have on hand either way. Secondly learn the dose by mg of your gear. 2ml of Tren could be 200-500mg of Tren. Also it is Trenbolone not Trem. Also I think the way your cycle is wrote out is pretty dumb but what ever.

I used to say yes.

Then I ran out of money.

I feel like it depends on the size of your cycle and what compounds you are taking. I rarely do large cycles (> 1g) and and drop down to a 150mg/week test dose with occasional hcg. When I do cycle I prefer test and DHT compounds like masteron or other mild things unail I compete again.

That being said I feel most not noticeable estrogenic effects can be suppressed with the use of a low dose periodic SERM usage. However I do keep some handy and take a little in the event anything feels awry, I feel estrogen may accumulate even if it can’t bi d to anything.

But until you have enough experience with these drugs to find something that works for you , I would stick to the standard on cycle dose you see most things recommend. Pick one on the lower end of what people advocate, maybe .25 MG EOD.

Finding the right doses for you takes experience because the effects you are trying to manipulate are subtle, and you can only really figure out the right feeling by feeling out of whack in some aspect. Just listen to your body when you do physical things, notably working out and sex.

@Reed, I went to a Endocrinologist Clinic ( He deals with competidor athletics ). So I cant say if he´s wrong or not, couldnt judge him. In your point of view, what would you change in there?

So what should I change in this cycle?

Personally I think your taking a bunch of different drugs and just running them in weird tims. Your endo should know better personally if was me… If this is your first cycle you don’t need as many drugs as your running BUT if you insist…

Week 1-12
Sustanon 250 EOD (750 a week total)
Boldolone 500mg weekly ( Very long ester once a week is fine but or twicw . Due to this ester taking so long to take effect I suggest 12 weeks minimum.
Trenbolone E 400 week ( 2 dose weekly )

Week 13-16
Sustanon 750 same protocal.
This gives few extra weeks to let all the Eq and Tren clear your system as they would take longer to get out of your system. 2 weeks later run Nolva.

yes, an AI is necessary when using aromatizable compounds at a significant dose

The Doctor said that´s the best way to run them in a long type of cycle. I´ll call him later and talk about the schedule cycle you wrote.
So far I got i hands:
-Sustanon 250
-Trenbolone Ace.
-Testosterone Prop.
The doctor examined me and all those exams about cholesterol, liver, heart, kidney, testo total and so on… He figured out that I could go ahead and try this cycle, since my competition is in 4 months.
As he wrote:
Week 1-8
Week 8-16
-Tren Ace.
-Testo Prop.

bro, your endo probably has zero first hand experience, listen to people that do.