Arimidex, Is It Necessary?

So I’m running a 14-16 week test sustanon cycle, I’ve got clomid for pct. I am wondering as arimidex is rather expensive, how necessary is it? Will I be okay without it? Or is it something I can’t do without? This is my third cycle, I’ve never used it before.

not necessary at all, if you get itchy nips you can just use nolva. Arimidex can have many negative side effects. Firstly lowering E2 will have a far more negative impact on your lipid profile while on AAS, secondly low E2 can cause joint pain, hot flushes, depression, low libido etc. It isn’t worth it in my opinion, however I could be wrong.

How much sustanon are you planning on using?

I did 600 last week, 300 so far this week. I set the bar at 600

Have you run that much before without an AI? I mean if you have and you know that you don’t need it then I wouldn’t use it just to use it. Trust your body and your past responses to your various cycles.

Yeah right around that number, two past cycles. The last one being years ago @5-600 a week. Never had any troubles like sore nipples or anything. Those last two cycles I didn’t even pct though and I crashed hard. I already have the nolva for pct just asking cuz I wanna make sure I do this right this time. Don’t wanna be a dumb ass, lose all my gains and sink into depression.