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Arimidex Help


Hello, I am new to this forum.

I am on my third week of cypionate therapy, I inject E3D. I understands that cypionate has 8-9 days half life so E3D injections result in stable level. I am not so sure about Arimidex.

According to

half life is 46.8 hrs, lets call it 2 days. Does it mean that on E3D you are destined to have little arimidex left in blood by the next injection, and you are destined to have a roller-coaster effect due to estrogen rising and dropping all time? It seems that people doing good on E3D protocol are livig proof that my theory is wrong. Situation seems to be even worse for people on weekly injections, because levels are all over the place, but there are people doing well on E7D as well...

So, can someone tell me if Arimidex reaches a steady state concentration in blood as well?

The reason why I am asking is 3 weeks ago I went on cypionate shots. I am following E3D protocol:
day 1: 300 IU HCG
day 2: 50 mg cypionate
day 3: 0.25 mg Arimidex

My latest blood work couple of days ago showed TT=912, and E=9. So far after 3 weeks of cypionate shots I do not experience any benefits of therapy. I still have zero sex drive, and weak-to-nonexistent orgasms.


I'll jump in here as none of the more experienced contributors have yet. Your E is too low. Consider lowering your Adex dosage slightly. Remember that low E has the same effects as high E. Good luck man.


I think I've written this before.

There should be a huge banner at top of each page that reads "Low E2 will cause libido to behave similarly to high E2."

At least you won't be needing a bra with low E2, but it can affect you emotionally. It will crush your libido and make you cry, so always carry a handkerchief.

In other words it will kill your desire to rape and pillage. Well maybe not pillage.

You want your E2 to be somewhere in low to mid twenties.


What he said ^^^^^


Stop the adex for one week and go back at 1/4 the dose.. This is the standard recommendation here.. From ksman the almighty


Thank you for replies!

1 mg pill seems to be pretty tiny, I have tough time cutting it in 4 pieces. Is there a liquid version of arimidex? I read that some guys dissolve a pill in vodka, but it seems to be a bit extreme. Are there compounding pharmacies which provide liquid arimidex?

Thank you


...google arimidex or anastrozole (generic name) research chemicals and you can find other solutions in the $30 range


It is weird that RX drug is sold without any RX'es online. In the disclaimer they say it is not for consumption, but for research only. Is it legitimiate? Did anyone used it?


Certain UGLs have been producing liquid arimidex for sure


Yeah it's weird isn't it? But people are weird.