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Arimidex For Pct? Is Hcg Really Needed?

I’ve been wondering if this box of arimidex I bought and never needed during cycle would be of any use during pct since it lowers estrogen instead of blocking it from binding like clomid or nolva? if no then I’ll get those two and also hcg( only if it looks like I need hcg when I post bloodwork 2 weeks after my last shot)
the cycle was 7 weeks of test e with fluctuating dosages for reasons I cannot explain. ( went from a gram of frontload to slowly reducing down to 350mg 7th week) I’m quitting the cycle short because I’ve been having weird heartbeats.

HCG isn’t a pct drug, don’t use arimidex either

Do you suggest chlomid only then as a pct?

Clomid or Nolva. Nolva is more well tolerated with less sides. DO NOT run the arimadex during PCT. Ouch.


Why is arimidex bad as a PCT?

Because its not a PCT drug. Its a strong AI. Your estrogen is already going to start dropping when you cease your testosterone due to lack of aromatization. Why would you want to tank it? Low E2 has all sorts of nasty side effects.

Doesn’t chlomid also drop E levels? Wouldn’t a low dose of arimidex have the same effect?

No it doesn’t its a SERM not an AI. It does block estrogen from interacting with your pituitary and stimulates your body into producing more gonadotropins. Your FSH and LH are zero after test use but clomid or nolva stimulates their release and thereby kicks your body back into a functioning HPTA. That’s the layman’s version.

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Okay thanks for explaining!

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