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Arimidex for Going Off Testosterone?

I’ve been on testosterone gel for a couple of years and I’m going off of it. I read that arimidex could be useful, even though it seems it has usually been associated purely with lowering estradiol and nothing else:

“Lowering estradiol levels, by administering an aromatase inhibitor, is associated with an increase in levels of LH, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and testosterone [28] Aromatase inhibitors, therefore, have been suggested as a tool to increase testosterone levels in men with low testosterone levels.”

What do you think the ideal dose could be for someone who isn’t taking testosterone anymore? Is 0.25 mg every 3-4 days too much?

You need a proper PCT. looks at the first page on this forum and you will find several posts regarding PCT. Arimidex is not PCT.

Hcg, Nolva (tamoxifen), and patience.