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Arimidex for Bloating and Hot Flashes?

Experiencing bloating(face) and hot flashes and redness of the face.

Does arimidex help relieve these symptoms? Or is an AI only for like gyno?

Seems like ppl try to avoid an AI at almosy ant cost…

If your symptoms are caused by high e2 then yes, arimidex will help alleviate them.

I’m just going to follow @iron_yuppie around and nod my head in agreement

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Bloat and hot flashes sound a lot like high E2 but personally I’d do bloods before taking an A.I.

Are you on cycle? What is it? How long left etc?

Red face could be high blood pressure caused by water retention due to high E2…

It could also be raised hematocrit which might be worth considering giving blood.

You can massively overdo an A.I and crash E2, so be cautious with it if you do use it. 1mg per week broken up into 3 or 4 doses can do a lot.