Arimidex dosing question

I have been reading to be very careful about over dosing with arimidex, now I’m worried. I’m about 240 lean now, and have had gyno trouble in the past, luckily I caught it early ! I was planning on going arimidex .5 ED for a d/bol 30mg/ED - sust 500/week 6 week cycle. Does .5 ED sound like too much, and if I started with .5 EOD instead and experienced signs of gyno what would be the best way to stop it, up the arimidex, or start clomid/nolva?

You want steady levels of Adex. It would be better to do .25mg ED than .5mg EoD.

Now if things get out of hand with your nipples, I would turn to Nolvadex. Nolva knocks the gyno back like nothing else.

I actually think that .5 ed is good. If you start to get gyno, which you won’t, bump the adex to 1mg ed and hit a little clo and novla… should stop it right in its tracks.

Like Warhorse said.

squatty, low e can be a bad thing just like high e. adex is extremely potent. and at those doses .5mg/ed is probably overdoing it. ted, i would suggest .5/eod with nolva on hand. i used this protocol on my cycle just passed. started getting sensative nips. then sore nips. started the nolva and it was gone.

how far into your cycle did your nips start to get sensitive? and when you started the nolva did you discontinue the adex?

no i kept the adex at .5mgs/eod but managed the gyno symptoms via nolvadex at 10mgs/ed. symptoms started about 2 weeks in.

I agree with Squatty on this one. Dbol and Test = very good chance for Gyno. If your cholesterol is too high for this you shouldn’t be cycling anyway. If your libido dives and you don’t have nip issues than cut it back. You won’t have any problems quickly creating estrogen again with that cycle.