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Arimidex Dosing Question


First post sorry if it's in the wrong place. Currently running 600mg sust (2 cc's of 300, 3 days apart per week) and 10mg nolva EoD. Just booted up my arimidex and I'm confused on the dosage. Going to run it everday seems I'm getting symtpoms pretty rapidly, but the bottle is super concentrated and I'm having a blonde moment.

It's a 30ml bottle at 10mg/ml. Sooo... How many cc's should I be aiming for when I extract? I know it's a person-by-person think, so I was gonna start with .5. But how does that math work.... Haha thanks guys.


Nolva on cycle??

.5mg EOD to start. If you are using a 1ml syringe. Which I assume you are and your adex is 10mg/ml (seems high) then it would 1/2 of 1 hash mark.

Your post tells me you have a lot to learn and should probably stick around here. Do a lot of reading. Including the first cycle sticky.



That's very oddly dosed, id be skeptical


I'll bet it's actually 1mg/ml


yeah, that's normal from what i've seen...


I thought it was odd for the dosage values I've been reading. But idk, that's what the bottle says but the website Actually indicates 15mg/ml. The site is reputable and been around forever , so maybe high concentration is the only culprit.


so the website and bottle say two different things? yeah that's not sketchy


would you mind subtlety hinting as to who the seller is?

you don't have to name drop, but give us a hint to keep an eye out...

EDIT: Mods, please delete this if that is inappropriate or violates the forum's rules...


yeah, that's one of the biggest red flags ever...

i just checked both research companies that i may or may not use, and they both said 1 mg/ml. a quick google just verified that with a couple other companies...

OP, one of the other issues is this: how is this company able to make such a high potency product when nobody else is able to?


At 10mg/mL you could very easily overdose. In my recent experience even an extra 0.25mg dropped estrogen levels too low. Have to wait 4-5 days now before using it again.


all the research stuff I've seen has been 1mg/ml


Doesn't seem right at all. The fact that the website and the bottle say different things would make me run away. Even if one was right (I doubt it). You don't know which one and how to dose it.


And if that concentration is right, that means you should have paid quite a bit for that, like up to 300 dollars since a 1mg/ml bottle at 30ml is roughly 30 dollars, so if you got it for dirt cheap id toss it