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Arimidex Dosing? Help!

Hi guys!! I’ve got a question for you. I get nipple sensitivity from my ‘high E2 issues’ on TRT. If I use a razor blade and slice off 1/16th of my Arimidex tablet and take that once a week, my left nipple is less sensitive but my right nipple gets more sensitive. If I slice off 1/32nd of a tablet (it takes me a few hours to get it right but I do eventually), my right nipple is less sensitive but then my left one gets more sensitive. My question becomes, would I need some kind of laser cutting device that can maybe slice my tablet into 1/64th and then I may potentially get BOTH nipples to be less sensitive? I ask because those devices are expensive and I fear that this dose might have the opposite effect and make them both MORE sensitive. What do I do? Should I try to just inhale the dust that forms in the air while I’m trying to slice it up? Would that work? Also, this morning I was 1/8th kg heavier than I was yesterday. Could that mean I’m retaining water? Also, of note because I want you to have all the details, I watched The Neverending Story with my wife last week (she had never seen it) and my eyes teared up when Artax sank into the Swamp of Sadness. Should I take DIM to lower my estrogens even more while I’m working on getting the perfect dose for the Arimidex? Thank you so, so much for any help you can offer!!!



The only way to do is is to dissolve the 1/64 slice in grain alcohol and then dip a 45 round into the solution .87mm down. Then carefully let the round dry. Later that day after you’ve eaten a 40/40/20 P/F/C meal load the round in, carefully place in mouth, and pull the trigger.

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@NH_Watts do I point in the mouth straight in, horizontal to the floor? Or do I go upwards at a 45 degree angle, or maybe downwards? What angle should I use? I want to get this right the first time. When I touch my nipple with my finger, I can feel my finger touching it so I know I must be experiencing high E2 issues. I keep checking every 15 minutes throughout the day because I’m obsessed with solving the problem but now they are chafing and swollen. Should I use Arimidex cream and lather it on them directly?

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You should try the carnivore diet. If that doesn’t work cut out protein and vitamins and add tamoxifen.

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So much incredible, evidence based advice here. I will do a 30 day Tamoxifen diet and get back to you. Thanks!!

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Wait, that’s all wrong! You cut the AI with the razor blade, then use the same razor blade to add it directly to your blood stream by cutting open a vein in youe wrist with it. Make sure to cut in the direction the vein runs, not across it.

**** Disclaimer - this is said in jest, and is not meant to diminish suicide or depression, or anything else. It is just joking.


If your Endo isn’t prescribing tamoxifen for your irritated nipples they are useless so keep looking. They should scan you for a pituitary adenoma as well. Remember they work for you.

Same direction as vein, not across. Got it!

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That’s cute, but the fact is that some men, myself included, are either sensitive to new gyno or have pre-existing gyno that absolutely needs E2 control, and that arimidex can be dosed effectively for this down to 0.125mg. Such has been my experience.

What’s not cute is enlargement of fibrous glandular tissue.

No, it means your protocol needs work.

Watch this and explain how this was possible.

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This where you go totally off the rails, Danny. If you had “gyno,” and now you don’t, then you never had actual fibrous gynecomastia. If you had, and you let E2 run unmanaged, you would fully understand the impact of E2 on breast gland tissue. Trust me.

I have no idea what “your protocol needs work” is supposed to mean in this context. You continue to push dogma beyond what is reasonable or useful for all men.

You are also self-contradictory. Right in the video you claim that if serum levels of E2 are “low,” and gyno occurs, then E2 can’t be causative. Just a couple days ago you said in this forum that because E2 is a paracrine hormone, serum levels are meaningless.

This is where you’re making an argument from ignorance. Have you ever met me? Ever touched that area? I still have lumps to this day but they are much smaller.

I have fibrous gynecomastia where I was referred for surgery.

I understand you don’t have any idea of your ptocol needing work. I’ve only done this a few thousand times so what do I know.

Exactly serum levels are meaningless. You missed the point. How did I have gyno with low E2? Everyone thinks if your E2 is low you won’t get any gyno. Well, I had gyno with low T and low E2. Maybe watch the video again to better understand it?

Dogma? I’ve posted countless studies in this vrlery forum and this is dogma? This video was meant to poke fun at guys like you with zero understanding on the subject.

Shall I post a photo of me shirtless with my arm up in the air where you clearly see a lump? I have it on both sides.

Stop making assumptions about things you know nothing about.

Bud, whatever fibrous glandular tissue you may have wasn’t removed by any hormonal action from T or E2. That would be literally medically revolutionary. Perhaps you had swelling that you were able to catch soon enough by managing hormonal levels.

Regardless, my point is that high E2 can absolutely cause fibrous gynecomastia, and that administration of arimidex can prevent it. This is not a controversial claim. The controversial claim is the inverse, and it’s the one you are making.

Look at that lump. Pretty damn obvious. Fat doesn’t do that. It’s hard and hurts if I press on it. Fat doesn’t hurt when you press on it. Doctors don’t refer you to a surgeon for fat.

Think before you speak.

I didn’t say it removed it! I said it shrunk considerably to the point I no longer required surgery because it barely shows anymore. My E2 is over 60 and my gyno is virtually non existant. E2 is NOT the cause of gyno. If you read up on this subject a bit more you could learn about it. If you choose to ignore every single paper I posted on this subject and keep blaming E2 than this is your issue, not mine.

Getting androgens optimized improves hormonal function across the board and many many people have reported the same outcome as has happened to me.

There’s a guy who just joined my Facebook group with an E2 of 118. Feels amazing (free T is 35) and zero gyno. Injects EOD. So if E2 causes gyno why doesn’t he have boobs?

He doesn’t have boobs because his protocol is perfectly dialed in for what he needs.

If I’m being honest, trying to speak with you is frustrating. It’s as if reasoning goes totally out the window with you and everything always comes back to AI’s bad, high E2 good. You’re making absolute claims that you have no business making, and it’s frankly irresponsible.

Before you reply with another post commenting about how many men you’ve personally helped and how big your Facebook group is and how many views your videos get, just don’t. Everyone has heard it before, and it’s not germane to the topic at hand.

If I send you 200 papers on the subject, would that suffice? How many do I have to send you?

You ignore all evidence, provide no evidence of your own, but I’m wrong? Did I invent this concept or is it all the physicians that I deal with who sent me all these papers who are wrong? Did all the people who performed these studies also wrong? How about the countless references to other studies, all wrong too? How about the tens of thousands of men across the board with all these physicians who stopped their AI and feel much better, also wrong? But ‘spinip’ on T-Nation has all the answers but can’t provide a shred of evidence to support his claims.

Sounds legit.

What’s frustrating is you making a claim but can’t back it up with any actual data. Do that first and then we can have a conversation.

Here comes @equel to bathe us in his infinite wisdom on the subject (also with no evidence to be provided… watch this)

You’re starting to do the ranting/arguing thing again.

This is my central claim, and it aligns with everyone from the Mayo Clinic to various studies done by MDs and PHDs.

It’s demonstrably false. If it were true, all the physicians I deal with who USED to prescribe AIs would continue to do so as their patients would get gyno. Meanwhile, they dial in their protocols and there is no gyno and no AI. How is this possible? The Mayo Clinic as your reference? Really? PhDs? Most PhDs have their heads up their assess on this subject. Not to mention my gyno should be getting WORSE since my E2 is 6 times higher than it used to be.

Read this. If you want more, I’ll keep sending you more until the cows come home. Provide me with a SINGLE study where they raised estradiol in men on TRT by raising androgens and it caused any harm of any kind. Good luck with that one.