Arimidex Dose

Started trt a few weeks ago, nipples started getting a little sore after a week so im playing around with the ai to find the sweet spot. Has anyone ever had a issue with low e2 and sore nipples? Can tell its low on just the joint pain, so i backed off for a few days and now nipples started getting sensitive even with low e2 symptoms.

Please read the advice for new guys sticky and protocol for injections.

200mg week of test cyp

Wrong to start on 200mg/week.
What about your testes shrinking?

If you take AI now and doc wants labs for E2 to Rx AI, what then?

Not a fan of this doc due to him not looking at the big picture. I have been reading a ton since i started the trt so when i go back for bloodwork next week i can barrage him with questions. I have had testosterone checked past few years and the highest was 310 last year. Im gonna post my labs…please tell me what you see. Thanks

Labs were pre TRT.

They should use an E2 test that resolves below 20! That lab is useless for TRT work. They need to order different lab for E2.

HTC [hematocrit] was 49 before TRT, with low T, very high for that and they Rx 200mg T per week. That is really fucked up. The cut off for HTC is not much over 50.

What dose of ?anastrozole/Arimidex? have you been using?

Were you 12 hour fasting for that lab work. Glucose seems high relative to very good A1C.

AST/ALT were elevated. We muscles sore or heavily trained?

TT makes sense relative to LH, but then FSH seems high. Now that you are on TRT, LH and FSH should -->zero. Do LH/FSH lab now, 3 days after injecting. LH should be zero. If FSH is not near zero, that is a symptom of testicular cancer or rare, a FSH secreting pituitary tumor.

TSH is better near 1.0
fT3 and fT4 should be near or a bit above midrange. fT4 then look low:

  • have you been using iodized salt long term - else probably deficiency
  • check your oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics stick; the best overall measure of thyroid function.

There, now you know more than that doctor. Go forth and manage your own health care or at least not be passive about these things.

Blood pressure?
Ever donate blood?

Concerned that you might have an iron overload. Labs: - concern HTC
CBC that has hematocrit
serum iron

Do not take vitamins with iron or eat any iron fortified foods/cereals.

How do you feel? Head aches? Feel blood pounding in your ears?

Suggest 50mg T twice per week, total=100
Take .5mg anastrozole at that time
Do labs 1/2 between injections after two weeks. But you need doc on board.
Then you can calculate anastrozole dose change needed to get to E2=22pg/ml
Note earlier comment re hCG


To your doc its all normal and they are blind to the things that I see.

Fasted…no. Heavily trained…yes. Blood pressure was 140/60…im always high in systolic. Heart rate was 41. Been checking temps for 2 weeks now and always at 97.6-97.7 in am. Usually hit 98.4-98.5 by 3pm. Arimidex dose has been very inconsistent due to me being sensitive to it. Cant do more than 1/4 at at time. Finding the timing is hard also.

If i do to close to shot i get a ton of joint pain so i wait usually a day after when the test is kicking in. I ususally have headaches in winter when air gets dry. Like i said about the dr…im not a fan of increasing someones test level then acting like nothing else is gonna change. Shit he didnt even prescibe the arimidex, i had to ask for it when my nipples started getting annoying and he said do 3x a week and i laughed at him.

Thanks for the help man.

You have been injecting 200mg once a week? T levels change by a huge amount. Anastrozole is a competitive drug and its serum levels need to balance your T levels. So you can see how that goes wrong.

Please review my prior post for points that you missed.

Body temps are not bad. But labs still suggests possible low iodine status.

You may be an anastrozole over-responder, Please read the advice for new guys sticky and protocol for injections.

No i inject every 3.5 days. Actually did one this am and took 1/2 arimidex and feel pretty good. I looked at previous 2yrs labs and yea…hemoglobin had been high since 2012. So im going to donate blood on monday and see how that goes. I have been taking potassium iodide for past 2weeks since i read the sticky and have been taking temps every am to see if any changes. I have been reading a shit load of info on here, and i really appreciate the help.