Arimidex Dosages and Protocols

I’ve noticed a lot of different protocols and dosages for Arimidex and I’m getting confused trying to find the best dosage myself. I know that KSman suggests 1mg for every 100mg of Test. Does this apply for dosages over 200 mg too? (e.g. 500mg-5mg Arimidex). Is it better to take it EOD, E3D, the day of the injection or the day after the injection? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Yes, applies to larger doses. Do not have data for BB dosing because we do not have labs for those guys.

When and how to take? Depends on how you inject T. If injecting twice a week, take anastrozole then. Will not work well with weekly injections. Some do EOD T+hCG +AI. With hCG working well at EOD, that can drive a routine for the trio.

If looking at 500mg T, please do labs and share results of E2 lab work and dosing here.

My protocol right now is 140 mg test divided in 2 doses + 1000iuhCG divided in 3 doses. I take 0.75mgs Arimidex 24 hours after each of my test injections. I was thinking of bumping my test to 400mgs for 10 weeks and increase my arimidex dose to 1mg EOD. I’ll do labs and post the results