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Arimidex Dosage

Ok so I am going to run:
1-10 Deca 200mg a week - one inject
1-12 Test 400mg a week - two injects
14-17 Nolvadex 20mg a day
1-13 Arimidex ?

My question is how do you know how much Arimidex to take? I posted this question within my “deca-only” post (Which Was Very Helpful)but thought a thread of it’s own would be better: Should I start with .25mg every other day and increase if needed? How would I know if I needed to increase the dose unless I started growing ‘man-boobs’ which seems like I should use Nolvadex instead or as well anyway? So this might seem like a stupid question, but I cannot find any infomation on it, from what I read I want to take the lowest amount that is effective enough!!! Other than blood tests, which would be expensive and probably out of the question anyway, what should I gauge the effectiveness of an Arimidex dose by - bloat, acne, etc.?

So maybe I’ll start with .25mg Arimidex per day and up it if needed? How will I know if I need more other than by growing man-boob’s? Would I base a raise in my Arimidex dose by bloat, well-being, sides? I am definately feeling better (more comfortable) the more I am learning. Thanks for bearing with me

I am on more than twice as much test and deca as you, and I take adex .5mg eod.